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AL Pitbulls Announces Its Breeding Techniques to Prevent Pitbull Over Breeding


Note: I know this is a self written press release. But to those who don't know what it is, they could mistake it for viable news. And then there are those who think that if they read it on the internet....IT MUST BE TRUE!!


Alabama Iron Pitbulls Announces Its Breeding Techniques to Prevent Pitbull Over Breeding Via LAD Solutions
Alabama Iron Pitbulls has announced its special breeding techniques to share with customers what they are doing to prevent pitbull over breeding.

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Alabama Iron Pitbulls has announced its special breeding techniques in order to make customers aware of what they are doing to prevent issues with pitbull over breeding. The company has opted to make this announcement via LAD Solutions so that they can assist Alabama Iron Pitbulls in attracting new customers that are interested in only working with reputable, responsible breeders.

Alabama Iron Pitbulls is a kennel located near Birmingham, Alabama and the company has been breeding blue pitbulls for over 20 years. They have recently began working on a new facility that will be located on 150 acres of land which will provide the pitbulls with plenty of free space to roam. They have selected this option in order to provide the most sanitary conditions for their dogs and also to allow for ease of cleaning.

Alabama Iron Pitbulls has announced to their customers about the specifics of their breeding techniques. The company selects the dogs to breed by choosing the dogs that are the prime dogs of the litters. They also select for block heads, wide chests, large size and good structure. However one of the most important items is while the dogs are structurally sound that they also have good temperament so that they are easy to care for.

The company has stated that they do special techniques to ensure that their pitbulls don't end up in shelters. They start by breeding only one male and one female pitbull together at one time. The workers then wait to see how many pitbull puppies are born and these pups are the only pups that will ever come from the mating of those two particular pitbulls since they will never be mated together again. The dogs may be individually matched with other pitbulls. This is done to ensure genetic diversity among the pitbulls.

Alabama Iron Pitbulls has pointed out that they do this in order to better the characteristics of the breed and not to make money off the dogs. Many other breeders according to the company will continue to pair the same two dogs and in the process weaken the breed just to make profits.

Alabama Iron Pitbulls claims that their breeding techniques also ensure that every customer that comes to them will receive a truly unique dog. Alabama Iron Pitbulls guarantees that customers will always receive the highest quality pitbulls thanks to the specific techniques that they use.

About Alabama Iron Pitbulls: Alabama Iron Pitbulls is a blue nose pitbull breeding company located in Birmingham, Alabama. The company has been in the business of breeding pitbulls for more than 20 years and they pride themselves on providing the highest quality dogs. To find out which dogs the company has available, customers can visit their website at AlabamaIronPitbulls.com where they can view some pictures of the dogs as well as learn more about the services that company provides.

Alabama Iron Pitbulls Announces Its Breeding Techniques to Prevent Pitbull Over Breeding Via LAD Solutions