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AKC lure coursing trial video!!

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by ShanaRowan, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. ShanaRowan

    ShanaRowan FlirtPolin' Premium Member

    Sasha had her first lure coursing trial on Sunday, and earned the first two legs of her CA title. She easily could have earned it if I weren't too poor to have entered her for more than one day, but oh well. We both had a blast. This was her first run, I think she did even better on her second. I am so glad we found this sport.

  2. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Awesome job!!
  3. charlieblue

    charlieblue Big Dog

    So awesome!

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. CrazyK9

    CrazyK9 Good Dog

    Yay Sasha! :)
  5. ShanaRowan

    ShanaRowan FlirtPolin' Premium Member


    I got a notification that someone commented on the video (no clue who they are) "this is animal cruelty." Riiiiight...
  6. CrazyK9

    CrazyK9 Good Dog

    Disable comments. People are stupid.
  7. Very cool!!

    Sent from my iPad at the Southern Comfort Combine
  8. lrc07141993

    lrc07141993 Puppy

    That was very beautiful.
  9. Tiffseagles

    Tiffseagles GRCH Dog Premium Member


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