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Aggression issue!

Hey everyone! I’m writing here for a friend of mine who has a red nose pit Bull, however both parents were blue nose and she happened to have the recessive gene, and she’s starting to struggle with aggression issues. She’s had her for 3 years now, raised her from a puppy. She’s very well cared for. They give her special dog food, salmon oil, a raw egg in her food, they rub her in coconut oil, she spends no time in a cage (doesn’t even have one!) She does have a skin condition, I’m not totally sure what it is but they give her the salmon oil in her food and rub her skin with organic coconut oil and it completely manages it. She’s a very loved dog. She isn’t fixed but they plan to have her fixed in a couple of weeks in hopes of that calming her down and possibly fixing the issue? My friend also has a 2 year old and is 31 weeks pregnant right now. This started a few months ago, probably around 6 months or so. It’s becoming a more common occurrence. I noticed when I dog sat a few months ago for her as well. It started out growling at their cats for getting near my friends sons plate of food. And then she growled at me while I was dog sitting because there was a plate of food on the table in front of me. Now it’s become her growling at her son, my friend, the cats she has, she’s also began pooping and peeing in the house - even minutes after coming back inside from going potty, you have to repeat yourself several times for her to listen (like telling her to get down or move out of the way, along those lines). They’re at a total loss and have become terrified she’s going to bite somebody but especially their 2 year old and their newborn that’s on the way! She’s never shown any teeth while growling and up until 6 or so months ago, she was one of the sweetest dogs I’d ever met! It’s come to the point where they are thinking of re-homing her despite how much they love her and want to keep her! So I guess I’m just looking for suggestions as to what she could do? Why her dog has suddenly changed? Any answers would be nice!! Thank you so much in advance!


Chi Super Dog
This breed is dog aggressive. it's a normal genetic trait. However, this breed is NOT supposed to be human aggressive. Where did she get the dog from? First, make sure the dog does not have any medical issues. Then, get the dog an EXPERIENCED trainer that deals with this breed to see whether this can be managed or if the dog if just not genetically wired correctly. IF the dog is not genetically sound, there's only one thing (in my opinion) to do and that would be to humanely put the dog down.