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Age appropriate play with neighbor dog

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by Lyssa, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. Lyssa

    Lyssa Puppy

    Hello, I am needing feedback on dog on dog play between neighbor dogs. Background info: Our neighbor has a Australian cattledog (Royal) mix 6 mo old and 50ish lbs, and we have a 4mo old pit terrier (pepper) 30ish lbs. They were both raised with large rambunctious litters, and immediately took to each other. They puppy whimper through the fence and mouth joust (they seem to be very careful not to make accual contact but it's very noisy). They beg to play in his yard (ours isn't fenced and on leash is not really an option) and when we allow it they run and play, but are still very mouthy. There is a lot of light biting and wrestling. Neither of them indicates accual agression in tone or pain/warning sounds (all puppy chips and play growling, like when we play tug/fetch games) I separate them periodically and can stop thier mouthing with by putting my hand between them. If they are not willing/ able to do that then play ends immediately. Still they are rough though. I'm not particularly worried about royal his mannerisms are easy enough to read. Hes a straight forward slightly derpy boy, but has good bite inhibition. Pepper does as well but I'm worried she ll get too into it and make a mistake. Royals parents are hands off so mist of the policing falls to me. We have met other dogs and she typically behaves in a more restrained manner so I am unsure if I am handling things correctly.
  2. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    Sounds like you are doing it the right way. Just be aware that this breed can be dog aggressive. There may come a time when you won't be able to do play time with other dogs.
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  3. Lyssa

    Lyssa Puppy

    Ok, good. I've never really been around dogs playing, especially puppies and they are do exuberant. Its one of the big reasons I went looking for a pit message board. I don't want to do things wrong. Normally I would be doubling down on dog socialization classes so I could learn, but that is not an option right now oc. I try to be very aware of situations and always use short teathers (the ones that clip either around the waist or to a belt buckle depending on how much slack I want to give her) to allow me both hands free whenever we go in public other then walks around our block. I'm very surprised more peeps around here don't use them- I love mine. I'm hoping to help her stay comfortable at least as there are so many dogs in the area I live. She is accually doing very well making friends with an older yorkie that lives close. I was worried at first, but they do a lot of licking and terrier hopping. It's really adorable. I still stay close just incase oc. There is also an older blind mutt (20ish lbs) that she is also very friendly/gentle with, and a baby golden puppy that we are in the process of friending. Her mom is hands on thankfully and it's cute to watch then tumble together. She lets that baby climb all over her then will roll them both and hop away. The biggest issue is my mom's chug puppy. I have no words to start on that dog. He's not exactly clever to begin with and she doesn't enforce good manner or training. Honestly I dont think she should have a dog at all but there's only so much I can do. I tried to get her to get a older dog that had basic training already but she didnt listen. I ve been trying to get them to the point of civility, but I realized that wa6snt happening with my mom there. I've been bringing him (copper is the Chug's name) over to my house and allowing him in the living room which she has supervised access to. pepper has free run of the adjoining room which had all of her stuff there other then her 2nd bed which she likes to lounge in and watch TV with the kids. That i move. I put up a baby gate and feed/treat them into submission (or at least calmness). I have been working a bit with cooper on basic commands while I have him. He is starting to mind me, even if he doesnt mom. I thought mom was gonna loose it when she started yelling at him to stop somthing and he wouldn't, I clicked my tongue, told him to sit and he immediately trotted over and sat at my feet, while looking up for a treat. I am very proud that pepps is fine with me interacting with another dog, from what I've seen that seems unusual, but I m not sure. She doesn't want for attention and any of the children will happily mind her. Copper time is a 3 man job. There's a lot of through the gate sniffing, and I will bring pepper into the livingroom to cooper periodically, but cooper isn't careful. he s a sloppy biter, and very in your face so pepps doesn't like too much. She is ok with it for a min though. When she starts backing off I wisk her back to her space and praise her. I make a kid to mind the rat-dog during this time. When she settles we switch and repeat. Its exhausting but I dont know what else to do as some contact is going to be unavoidable. Thoughts? Suggestions? Encouragement?
  4. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    When I sell or give away a pup I always ask the people if they have another dog.
    If their answer is yes I explain how they will not be able to keep both dogs.
    Some people will not take my pup and some will not believe me.
    I always have an agreement that if there is trouble with the dogs I will get the pup of mine back free and clear.
    I have had several pups returned to me when they got 6-12 months old.
    Part of it depends on the quality of pit bull you have. With a low quality pit bull you may be able to control them together with your other dog. With a good quality pit bull there will come a time when there is trouble with the dogs.
    If you do not know how to handle the problem you can end up with a dead dog.
  5. Lyssa

    Lyssa Puppy

    To be clear, I have 1 dog. The neighbor and I share a fence, if they cant play due to temperament it's fine, but atm they want to so I want to do my part to keep things positive. I can avoid bringing pepps around moms dog for the most part, but again it's far preferable that they at least tolerate each other. Since my mom is.. lax.. I thought it best to take control of the situation and manage it where I can control the interaction rather then have it happen on a busy street with distractions so that no one does get hurt. If that gets too stressful for pepper that will stop, but atm she knows that she is going to get pampered with continuous attention and more treats then she should really get while cooper visits. She is interested in him, but but hes a lot, so just in small doses. all other dogs are based on mutual consent, and interaction can stop if needed.
  6. Lyssa

    Lyssa Puppy

    I re read your post and am confused by the word quality in it. Is that in reference to size (yes I think she ll be larger) breeding (she's a shelter pup so no idea) temperament (she is inclined to play as long as the other dog id not loud or too in her face) or training. we use a nilif approach where she pays by minding her humans, especially me. She is rewarded with getting to do the things she wants (including making dog and human friends) and long as I can interpret and force her to disengage and sit without resorting to pulling her lead. Royal is the exception, I can physically get between them, but not use verbal only commands. She is naturally inclined to circle behind me when she feels overwhelmed and trusts me to handle the situation as appropriate. I praise this response to reinforce and never force her if she shows discomfort.
  7. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    Read this please. Our Training and Behavior forum:
    Quality means how was your dog bred. There might come a time when your dog will "turn", meaning become dog aggressive. it's a normal genetic trait with this breed. You cannot train it out, you can only manage it. And part of managing it means no more play time with other dogs. This breed loves humans. They are not crazy about other dogs.
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  8. Lyssa

    Lyssa Puppy

    Ok, thanks. I had heard about that but was not too clear on the details, it's on my list for later research. That's a bridge that I ll have to cross if it comes to it. She will certainly be accommodated if neccesarily. Atm she wants to be social so I want to let her as long as she can behave in a safe appropriate manner.
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