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Advice with my pup

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier' started by s_tacey123, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. s_tacey123

    s_tacey123 Puppy

    Hi everyone it's great to have joined the SBT group. I am after a bit of advice. I have a 10 week old staff and he is very hard work. I know it's hard work to have a pup and I am putting all my time and effort into him to make him the perfect pet. He is only just starting to understand that he needs to go in the garden for the toilet. He also used to snap in my face but i kept putting him in his cage everytime he was doing it and thankfully he doesn't do it now. The only real problem I have with him is the biting. He bites everyone and everything. If he bites too hard he goes in his cage but when he just bites I tell him "no naughty" I have introduced him to my mams staff (rok) he's 1 years old. There fine together but Kye (my pup) just bites rok all of the time and literally hangs off his face. Rok accepts it because he's soft as shi* but I don't want him to think this is acceptable to play like this. Does anyone have any advice on this.....ill be happy if someone tells me he will grow out of it....I really hope he does because he's a lovely dog apart from the biting.....please give me your advice x

    Kye is the red staff and rok is the black with white markings. Both beautiful dogs x

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  2. s_tacey123

    s_tacey123 Puppy

    How old does he have to be before I can feed him tripe.....I have hard tripe is good for dogs is this correct x

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  3. Sherman

    Sherman Puppy

    My staffy is not quite a year old and she bites, grabs and hangs on my 12 year old mix dog's face. when she gets too rough I separate them to calm her down. I have to monitor them most of the time. staffs play rough, he just needs to respect your wishes to calm down when you want him to. Also, I would not use his cage when you punish him. You don't want him to associate his cage (crate) with punishment. Good luck.
  4. s_tacey123

    s_tacey123 Puppy

    I use the cage as punishment but he knows the difference between bed and being naughty. I let him out within 2 minutes of being naughty just to teach him. Maybes i may be doing it the wrong way x

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  5. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    whenever he bites, redirect him towards a chew toy
  6. s_tacey123

    s_tacey123 Puppy

    It's absolutely everything he sees. The little monster ha. We do give him his toys he has loads but loves a good bite of my hand or foot or whatever is in sight. Suppose a puppy will be a puppy!!!! X
  7. Krista

    Krista Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    I would definately not use the crate as punishment. Especially when you crate him when you're not home, he isn't going to like it very much.

    I would get him into obedience classes as soon as he has had all of his 3 distemper/parvo vaccinations. Puppies do bite, redirect him to toys that are appropriate when he tries to bite you. Or play fetch with him if he likes to play with tennis balls. :)
  8. Swiper

    Swiper Little Dog

    This is what i tried and it seemed to work.
    Clicker trained him with basics like sit down come stay so that he understood that clicks is a good thing.
    Sat down beside my pup and put my hand in his mouth. He mouthed me hard. I yelped and cried. He softened up his bite and i clicked him. It took a week or so but he did soften up his mouthing.

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  9. Bigsambully

    Bigsambully Puppy

    It's true that they bite mine did as a pup and adult if you let him get away with it he will continue to do it as an adult however the cage is not an appropriate punishment. A stern no and 5min being ignored should be good they crave your attention and will come to associate biting with losing attention IMO directing them o a toy kinda promotes the bite thehey want a toy they bite you!

    I never corrected mine he was 9 month old when I got him as the breeder had sold him gone on a random check to find him n his sister in poor conditions so just took them back from orig owners and my nan and I took him in I let the bite go and tbh it was one of his quirks he would grab my arm and pull me to his bowl the door my bed where I would sit down and he woulda ump on my lap and lick my face off!! Lol he never drew blood in 9 years so I don't even like calling it biting !!
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 9, 2012
  10. Swiper

    Swiper Little Dog

    Hi Op.
    Regarding your puppy mouthing.

    This is what i tried and it seemed to work.
    Clicker trained him with basics like sit down come stay so that he understood that clicks is a good thing. Lots of treats and smooshy kissy faces and praise.
    Then sat down beside my sharp toothed pup and put my hand in his mouth. He mouthed me hard. I yelped and cried. When he softened up his bite and i clicked him and praised and gave treats as above. It took a week or so but he did soften up his mouthing.

    Now swiper is 16 months. He is house trained. No mouthing at all. I actually forgot about his sharp bites on myself and nips on my sons.
    He doesn't chew up my socks anymore!!!!!

    Yay he's matured a lot.

    Best of luck to you.

    O btw. Im with atheist. I gave smacks to my dog. On his bum.
    I did it with my past dogs as well.
    It does help.to set some boundaries when they try to cross them.

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    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 6, 2013
  11. phbullies

    phbullies Big Dog

    I also have a male staffy. He is just over a year old and has been mouthy his whole life. His dad and the other males the breeder had were also. They are a mouthy breed. Funny thing is its not as big a problem with the females. I tell people its a staffy handshake. No harm meant by it, even when he's ramped up it rarely hurts. I definitely don't encourage it. I think its just one of the quirks of the breed. Some dogs tremble all the time some are constant whiners, staffys like to put your hand in their mouth...alot!
  12. fram773

    fram773 Puppy

    My female Staffy does it but only when excited and only when she's jumping up. Never hurts.

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