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Advice with my pregnant white saffy

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u carnt go to the vets to see if she is preg till 28 days I no about dogs and breeding im just asking for abit more information tht is wot the web is for isnt it

If the vet can't tell if she's pregnant until 28 days what makes you think a bunch of strangers online can tell if she is before 28 days?

Health testing means your dogs is checked for hip dysplasia (among other things)- x-rayed. It has to be done when the dog is AT LEAST 2 years old. It can not be tested before that. It is a serious problem in this breed and extremely painful for the dog. and if you go around breeding a dysplastic dog you're going to end up with a lot of crippled puppies and you're going to sell those crippled puppies to other backyard breeders like yourself who are going to breed those crippled puppies until the breed is chock full of crippled dogs. Do you really want to ruin this breed?

Im sure that is not your intent. Abort the puppies. Consider spaying your dog. There are even places that do it for free. If you really want to breed start visiting the dog shows and educating yourself before/if you decide to do something. Also read the sticky on this forum regarding what a responsible breeder is.

Beth L

Little Dog
SO any updates?? I have not been on in a while. Just making sure all is going good. When I read the 1st post it made me worry it may be Pyometra.


Big Dog
SO any updates?? I have not been on in a while. Just making sure all is going good. When I read the 1st post it made me worry it may be Pyometra.
If the dog/bitch went full term, the puppies should be abt a month old now...but not a peep from OP.
I took my stance on my position cause some people like to feign ignorance to get unwarranted advice. I just don't believe in enabling future BYB, but if OP had truly "love" her dog she would defend her position...and if she cared for this community of dog lovers she would keep us update...oh well.

Then why are you on PBC?
coming from you I would gladly wear that label as a crown. congrats on Rocko for your achievement for Nov. Male of the Month. You are a great example of what this forum is for.

king of pain
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