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Acana Feeding


I am having some difficulty understanding how much should i feed my puppy. I have a Blue Nose PitBull (female) she is 3 months old and her weight is 7kg(expected weight 35-37 kg). I feed her (not all at once - just trying to see what she likes most) Acana Puppy and Junior,Acana Pacifica, Acana Wild Prairie and Fromm Puppy Large Breed. At the Large Breed Puppy Acana Feeding Guide it says that a 5kg puppy should eat 180g per day. So i did the math and since she is 7kg she should eat 252g per day, i divide that in half and its 126g twice a day in the morning and the afternoon.
The thing is that she looks really fat!!!! Everyone who sees her says "what a cute little fat puppy".... i really think its too much for her plus she snoring VERY loud (and i am concerned about that too) and he has hiccups 2-3 times a day(she eats kind of fast).
I dont want her to grow fat, she is a PitBull and they are very active dogs i dont want the food to slow her down and make her unable to bring out all her energy. If someone is feeding his Large Breed Dog with Acana any advice will be extremly helpful.


First things first, blue nose is merely a reference to the color of the dog's nose liver, it does not indicate a "type" of pit bull. Does your pup have a pedigree?

Okay, on to the food. You need to pick ONE food and stick with it. I would not be feeding Large Breed food, beings your pup is not a large breed dog. I'd suggest picking a grain free formula (most are all life stages).

Most people shouldn't follow the serving suggestions on the packages. Each dog has different caloric needs and have different metabolisms, just like people. Cut back on her food, especially since she's appears to be overweight. I would feed a total of 1 cup (136g) of food per day, divided into 3 servings. If she doesn't start to slim down within a month's time, I'd cut it back to 3/4 a cup (96 g). And within a month, if no weightloss, cut back to 1/2 cup.

You want to feed so she maintains a healthy weight once she loses the extra pounds. My 2 year old only eats 1 1/2 cups of food per day, so don't feel like she isn't getting enough food. :)
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Good morning and thank you for the reply. I wrote she is a Blue Nose cause everywhere i read about this color of PitBull it says they are a bit larger that the others and i thought that if i mention it maybe the food portion is different, thats the only reason.

I am not feeding her Large Breed food, the Acana i use says its FOR ALL AGES of the dog. Since she will be a Large Breed i feed her excactly the amount it says i should for a puppy of a large breed.

Since yesterday i am giving her 180g per day and she does not look so swollen as she used to. If she doesnt slim in a week i will give her 136g as you suggested.

I will attach a picture of her 3 days ago.


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She's not a large breed dog. Since she's blue I'm guessing she's an amstaff or bully mix, but generally, large breeds are 100+ pounds as adults. There's a reason that Acana's large breed puppy and large breed adult have little pictures on Great Danes on the bags.

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She looks black in that picture...

Anywho, anyone who uses the term "Blue Nose Pit Bull" is generally undereducated on bull breeds. A dog's color does not indicate it's size, nor breed. My American Bully, who is blue, is 2 years old and only 43 lbs.

Besides that, your dog is not a large breed dog. Large breed would be well over 100 lbs.
Thats why i am asking for other opinions. I live in Greece and here everyone says that a Pitbull is a Large Breed and at the pet store they tell me to buy Puppy Large Breed so i thought they knew best....
About the weight and the color i know it does not indicate the breed, all PitBulls are the same as for the weight i only wish her to be healthy and she can be purple color if she likes xD


Little Dog
Acana is a great food. I fed the grain free formulations to Lemmy as a pup. We were on the Grasslands formula then just b/c my older lab can only tolerate fish or lamb. I fed him 1 cup divided into 3 meals. I think young puppies benefit from smaller, more frequent meals. As a 3 year old adult, Lemmy is 50 lbs. I think that large breed dog food stuff is mostly a marketing gimmick.

It's best to keep puppies on the lean side to minimize stress on developing joints.


Good Dog
Large breed formula is not a marketing gimmick, it has less nutrients so the giant breeds(great Dane) don't grow super quick causing strain on joints and bones
Thank you all for the replies. I never knew that a Pitbull is not a Large Breed dog. Everyone (friends & pet stores) used to say to me that i should feed my 2 Pitbulls only with Puppy Large Breed and Large Breed as they will grow. Thats how i raised my male Pitbull ....
But now i will change that and feed the small one Puppy & Junior and the older one Pasifica :)
How can you tell she is an Amstaff or Bully Mix? I dont get the difference between an Amstaff and an American Pitbull.... :/


Without a pedigree, you really can't say she's either or....

However, the color blue is usually associated with Am Staff and Am Bully breeds. It's very uncommon in true APBTs, some argue that it's not possible in the breed.
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No, she is not a large breed dog and does not need large breed food. Not only does large breed food have less nutrients but it comes in larger chunks. My neighbors lab almost died after choking on it.

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