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About Us

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Vicki, May 31, 2013.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Pit Bull Chat forum is a diverse and educational pit bull community of owners, enthusiasts and advocates of the pit bull dog breeds. Our mission is to promote responsible ownership through education to help ensure this breeds' continuance. Due to the increasing amount and diversity of pit bull owners within the community, we strive to reach people from all walks of life and welcome members who share our passion for the pit bull and dogs in general.

    We recognize and understand that the popularity of the pit bull has greatly increased, causing many shelters to become overridden and overcrowded with this breed. We have a unique data base dedicated to pit bull Rescue dogs and Rescues across the US.We understand the value and importance of Rescue Groups and are deeply appreciative of the service they provide for this misunderstood breed.

    We encourage pit bull owners to participate in weight pull competitions, conformation, agility, fly ball and other activities, which all help to shed some positive light on the breed. We support the ADBA, and have a regional show and events forum for members to post their latest club events, whether it be a conformation show or a dock diving event!

    Pit Bull Chat is dedicated to fighting Breed Specific Legislation and we encourage every pit bull owner to do the same. We urge you to attend and speak at any BSL meeting or hearing and become the voice for these dogs. BSL is running rampant and the only way to combat it, is together. We offer letter writing templates and RSS newsfeeds to keep you abreast of the latest breed specific legislation and dog laws.

    While we recognize the unique history of the APBT, we neither promote or encourage any illegal activities. Our APBT community community is dedicated to the preservation of the APBT in its original form as a game -bred dog and as a loving companion pet and top competitor in conformation, sports and hunting. We oppose any act that is deemed cruel to animals. We do not allow the advertising of dogs for sale. We will only condone responsible breeding, that being the best to the best.

    Pit Bull Chat is a place to join people who share your experiences and passion. So, come, share your stories, get feedback and comments. Share your knowledge to help others. We are a diverse community, with a common thread and bond, join us, and take the opportunity to make new friends.



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