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About to give up

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by ChevyBoy46, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. ChevyBoy46

    ChevyBoy46 Little Dog

    It's time for me to move out of my parents. I'm finally done with all schooling, have a great job, and an amazing boyfriend that i have been with for 2 years.

    We have been on the search for an apartment or a house for rent for the past two months!

    We finally found one , but then someone else rented it before we could get to it ..

    We are back on the search again , with no luck due to Breed restrictions ..

    Chevy is a MUST have when moving .. He will be going with , and we plan on adopting another from the humane society .

    Every . single . place . we have found has breed restrictions and "pit bull" is one of them ! :no2:

    I'm to the point of spending $90 on getting Chevy registered as a service dog, just so places cannot deny him .

    I do not want to go to that extent ... I just can't do it anymore . I am ready to give up .
  2. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Super Moderator

    Please do not falsely register your dog as a service dog. That completely undermines the work that real service dogs do and the work that their trainers/owners put into them. It's completely unethical.
  3. ChevyBoy46

    ChevyBoy46 Little Dog

    I won't . & Like i said i wouldnt want to go to that extent .

    Just don't know what to do anymore .
  4. Tiffseagles

    Tiffseagles GRCH Dog Premium Member

    Have you tried making a "portfolio"/"resume" for Chevy? A list of skill sets, classes he's completed, letter of recommendation from his veterinarian, shot records, references, etc.? Make it into a PDF with a couple of photos and send it in with your rental applications, even to places that have breed restrictions. The worst they can do is say no.

    Honestly, people renting with BBM need to be more pro-active about restrictions. Instead of passing over housing with restrictions, they need to inquire anyway and then let the facility know why they are passing them up. Property management is a business. Landlords will begin to reconsider their policies if their properties sit vacant while they pass up perfectly good tenants because of the way their dog looks.
  5. Beret

    Beret Bullyflop

    You may have better luck looking into private rentals. That is, owners who are renting out their property on their own and not through an agency or management company. There tends to be more flexibility with individuals than with corporations.

    I would reach out to them, preface the dog issue by saying outright that you have a bull breed, and then move past that to emphasize what you do with your dog, any accomplishments you may have achieved together, and what sets you apart as a responsible owner. I would also go pre-armed with breed-friendly renters insurance.
  6. leavesofjoy

    leavesofjoy Big Dog Premium Member

    I agree with private rentals vs. going through services, if that's possible in your area. And, be persistent, pushy (politely) even- two of our past houses were from landlords that didn't want dogs at all, but we went to see the places anyway, and once we pulled out a wad of cash for the deposit, they changed their minds. Of course, we never saw that money again, they'll find any excuse to keep it, but I considered it the cost of keeping my dogs.

    Good luck-
  7. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

    I agree also with private rentals. Some years ago when I was newly divorced I was looking to rent a home. I found a great place but they had a no pet policy. Mind you I had two dogs. I contacted them and actually set up an opportunity for the owner of the property to not only see where we were moving from, but to meet the dogs as well. It worked. He could see that my home was not torn up, and the dogs were very well behaved. I had a complete book on each dog, showing titles and certificates they had earned.

    It takes some persistence and work, but sometimes you can change a property owner's mind.
  8. CarolineP

    CarolineP Little Dog

    You could also ask if it would be possible to bring Chevy with you when you tour the apartment complex, show off how good he can be. I know a few people who asked landlords and such if they could do an interview with their dog, every one who did was let in with their pup!
  9. imjustjenna

    imjustjenna Little Dog

    I agree with all of the above. I recently moved after being where I was for 3 years (and also getting my dog during that time) I started early- it took me almost 4 months to find a place. I even found a few places that would accept my dog, but they weren't right for me. Just like Beret said, I was very upfront and told them I have a pit bull, and moved on to say he had his CGC, and trains weekly in obedience and rally. I also had existing breed friendly renters insurance and told them that my dogs stay in crates when I am gone, are always on leash, and have lived in an apartment before with no issues. I did have one company say they would accept my dog if I could prove he had his CGC (no problem!)- I did not end up renting from them, but it was refreshing.
  10. MMSmith

    MMSmith Good Dog

    Do you have papers or a pedigree on Chevy? If not, why are you calling him a pit bull? It's obviously hurting your chances of finding a home. If you don't know his origin, call him a bull breed or bulldog mix. Some people (read: landlords) just cannot get over the word 'pit bull'.

    I apologize if that comes across critically, but I seem to recall that Chevy is not a purebred.
  11. CallSignOWL

    CallSignOWL Good Dog

    yeah, my vet actually put down Echo as "boxer mix" to help things move along when renting
  12. ChevyBoy46

    ChevyBoy46 Little Dog

    We found a house that would allow Chevy ! :) Went and saw it yesterday and we loved it! Putting in an application today, if we get approved we will be signing a lease and moving in December 1st !
  13. Cofla

    Cofla Big Dog

    Another example for the ''NEVER GIVE UP'' theory.


  14. ChevyBoy46

    ChevyBoy46 Little Dog

    Thank you!
  15. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    That is great news!

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