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Hello Everyone I hope i am in the right place for this question the abkc says any apbt or amstaff registered with them will be registered with them as a American bully so how do you know if you have a real American bully or apbt or amstaff If some one registered with them? the guy i got my pup from has them regs with the adba and the abkc this is my boy Rucker what would you say he is thanks for any helpP9183623.jpgP9143617.jpg


Oh my gee.. Well American Bully dogs started as Amstaffs and APBTs bred together.. SO technically depending on the registry the parents are from it can be registered as all of the above.
I would say he is an American Bully, register him as one and call him one.


You know what breed you have by asking the breeder. Also, the dogs ped. I find it interesting that the breeder registered the pups with the ADBA and ABKC.. Weird. Can you post a ped. on him? Will help in determining his breed.


Yea a ped will help give and idea of what is behind your dog, is it mostly Amstaff, AmBully or what..

Forgot to say that Pink! Isnt this the same dog from that one thread? Whats your puppies parents names?


Good Dog
Got a pedigree?

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Derp, those posts weren't there when I asked, I swear. lol


I was gonna make a smart response, but I think this thread is derailed enough already. LOL

So you just made a post about nothing, with no smart comment.. Good job Cliff

Well I am pretty sure this is the same guy from the other thread. He needs to post a ped otherwise no one can help him 100%.


Good Dog
Going by the Kennel site, definitely American Bully. Looks like they run RE and Gotti bloodlines.
I agree.....I would register the pup ABKC if it were me.

I can also clear up a matter on why the breeder registered the pups with both registries, A lot of breeders myself included (UKC) here....will register pups with two registries simply because the ABKC is kind of new and are having some problems so if the ABKC was to go under they would still have paperwork on their dogs with a well know legitimate registry and even though the UCK and ADBA does not recognize the American Bully and registers them APBT it is still better to have papers then none. I let everyone know when getting a pup from me that the UKC papers list their pups breed wrong but advises them to send in their paperwork and put it away incase they need it later on to register with a new registry. That is unless they have a class type dog then go ahead and show with the UKC if they like.