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A Well Bred Pit Bull WOULD or IS

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Alan, Jan 9, 2008.


    PNWPBR Good Dog

    LOL sounds like Moxie in her TT test.... she wagged at him. :rolleyes:
  2. Alan

    Alan Banned

    Im going to take a chance on getting reamed here. Tammey and I had this discussion yesterday. She said the APBT isnt a protection dog. While I agree, that wasnt the intention and other dogs were bred for protection, I do think they can be a great protection dog.

    I think most any dog will protect you if rasied as a personal inside dog. Perhaps if you have a kennel with dogs outside those dogs may or may not protect you. My experience however has shown that dogs which become your personal dog (meaning always at your feet in front of the tv etc) will most always protect you. One thing I have liked about the APBT in this scenerio is that they seem to be more sound in this area.

    My experience with some breeds has been their are either too vicious or too mellow. My APBTS have been mellow to the point that I dont have to lock then in the bathroom when company comes to visit from out of town; but I dont think they would let anyone harm me either. In the instances when given the oppourtunity, they have always protected me using sound judgement, instinct or whatever you want to call it.
  3. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    Just because one dog out a hundered will protect, does not mean that this breed was ever and any ways MEANT TO PROTECT, they are too human caring and loving (or at least they are supposed to be).......seems you need to do the reasearch and quit calling crap you obviously know nothing about!

    Maybe people like you are the problem....that think they should?
  4. Pit Bulldog

    Pit Bulldog Little Dog

    Hey Alan and I agree!!!!! I even had to reread his post and pinch myself.

    Just to clarify I never said apbt is a protection dog. In fact I said these are not the dogs one should get if they want to get into protection training.

    There are various levels of how protective a dog can be and different types of protective behaviour. If you have an apbt that growls at strangers and aggressively reacts to minor or incorrectly perceive threats you have a messed up dog that needs to either be put down or kept away from everyone. Basically you have a man-biter.

    What I am talking about are dogs with stable temperaments that can pick up on a real threat and protect their family. Call it what you want, maybe protective is not a right term, maybe gookliegoobie doo doo is. I just dont want to get stuck in arguing about semantics, kind of like what is definition of 'is'. Rember that fine moment in our nations history?

    So I think there is nothing wrong with with apbt's that are gookliegoobie doo doo. Thats all I was so ever inartfully trying to say. :p
  5. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    I can agree with that! :D LMAO....cept.in the above I would...automatic put down...wouldn't take that chance!
  6. Pit Bulldog

    Pit Bulldog Little Dog

    I suppose for the most part we agree! There is nothing wrong with having differing points of view but when we all agree, it makes me smile! You know that Alan guy who is a Mod on here. That dude rocks! He helps me word things when I ask him to!:)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2008
  7. Pit Bulldog

    Pit Bulldog Little Dog

    Crap I was trying to delete my last post but I cant. Hey fearless knight sorry :D

    After reading your last post I think we are on the same page. So please disregard my asinine sarcastic post. Hey mods, can you please cull it? You know the sarcastic one that I posted in reply to mr. knight calling me a problem.
  8. Alan

    Alan Banned

    Hey dude, I didnt see any asinine comments? I think that was just a bad dream. Thanks for the complement though! Im always here to serve my people! :)
  9. Alan

    Alan Banned

    I just want to add that I do understand people getting upset about the APBT being a protection dog. I've said before that I think training an APBT as a protection dog should be left to a professional because there is too much potential risk for creating a frankenstein monster.

    Now, my reasons for that statement are this. First of all, this breed has an overwhelming desire to please. They are like a child who wants to impress an adult. If you give an impressionable 5 year old a handgun and say, "Go shoot your mommy!" there is a good chance that will happen. It's not the kids fault though. The same goes with the dogs.

    The other reason is that the dogs are very athletic and have the potential to be fearless against the devil himself. You dont want a dog with a non stop attitude to be a loose cannon and in the hands of an ammature, that is exactly what could happen.

    On the other hand, as I said earlier, I think most any dog who is a personal dog will protect his master in a real emergency, reguardless of training. Yes there are exceptions to the rule but as far as the dogs I have been around, most of them would put themselves between me and whatever danger there was. I like to say they do this because they love me; however, we have been down that road before and that is another can of worms.
  10. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    Dont be sorry, I am not....we are just 2 adults talking.....figuring shit out.... :D...the more you talk the more you know.....about others anyways...ya know?!

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