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A visit to Tom Garners Yard

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Pirateslife4me, May 5, 2009.

  1. TheFinest

    TheFinest Puppy

    This is the type of pit i want- not stocky or huge head. where is TG ...im on the east coast (NY)
  2. woody d

    woody d Big Dog

    Hillsborough(sp?) N.C.
  3. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    Yep... Spike Road, Hillsborough North Carolina
  4. TheFinest

    TheFinest Puppy

    I won't be able to pick one out then...Why can't NY have some breeders like this. Looking in a rescue is tough and I've waited so long for the type taht I want.
  5. cyrus

    cyrus Puppy

    HI guys,
    I am new to the site. A long time pit bull friend. I recently purchased a Pup from Tom Garner. She was off of otto, and lady princess. I am currently deployed. I told tom, I needed a dog that had spirit yet, would still be a great house dog. He took 24hrs figured out what my best choice would be. He then agreed to board her until I got back in the U>S. He also took the time to let someone take care of her, crate train her, and socialize her. So when I get her she wont be in total culture shock. I get home on the 6th. I hope to have my female, whom will be named Artemis on the 7th. Up to this point Tom has been more than good to me. I will get pictures of the pup out when she arrives. I have waited 3 years to get a new dog. The day has come.

    Glad to become a member here

  6. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Little Dog

    Actually there are a quite a few breeders in your state that breed solid dogs. Do a little more research. ;)
  7. John Stompanato

    John Stompanato Little Dog

    nice choice dunno about otto but lady princesx is the best chinaman producing female of modern times.. my ch torito was off her and got another female off her

    take care
  8. mandreweav

    mandreweav Good Dog

    hope your around to tell us how that otto pup turns out. he is a unique looking dog but i like it. I hear he performs well too.
  9. cyrus

    cyrus Puppy


    First off good info. Glad to receive it, thank you! The both have alot of chinaman in them. Otto is 3rd generations chinaman, 2nd generation frisco. His sire was elmo, and dam was bad becky. Here is his pic and family....Tom Garner Kennels - Garner's "Otto" Any further info would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Mandreweav, You have my word I will stick around and give you guys updates. I have pics of her with princess, but I am still trying to figure out how to post them. I think it might be my internet connect out here is just to messed up.

    take care
  10. i also had very pleasent experiences with TG. I bought three dogs from him. 2 i picked up and 1 i got shipped. I would trust him to send me a pup but if you can make it to his place it is well worth the trip.
  11. Papou

    Papou Puppy

    I live near Montreal, Canada. I made the trip to NC this summer to purchase a dog from Tom. He is a very nice man, I stayed at his yard for about 5 hours, we talked a lot together, about dogs but also many other things. He was very friendly and informative.

    His whole yard is full of very awesome dogs. I could approach 98% of them and they were just going crazy to get my attention and affection. Even the females who had just given birth were licking me through the cages and letting me touch their young.

    I bought a pup from Dynomite/Miss Red Girl that is freakin awesome. Very smart, he understood basic commands and walked on the leash at 10 weeks. Very beautiful coat and perfect physionomy. People stop their cars to compliment me on the dog, and can`t believe it`s a pitbull.

    They are illegal where I live but I lied on the registration card. Boxer/Ridgeback, hehe.

    Anyways, just wanted to give props to the man. He may be a buisness man, but he has his shit together, his yard is clean and well organized, and he breeds great dogs.

    That is all.

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