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CA: A veterinarian's quest to save a broken dog from being euthanized

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by ShanaRowan, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. ShanaRowan

    ShanaRowan FlirtPolin' Premium Member

    A veterinarian in San Diego, California, is going to great lengths to save a dog who was abandoned at a veterinary clinic where she works.

    The dog, who has since been named "Spotty," arrived with multiple issues, including giardia and a laceration from a dog fight. Dr. Alice D'Amore corrected the medical issues, and altered Spotty, but there was emotional damage that the young dog had sustained that she was unable to fix on her own.

    With the help of a trainer, Dr. D'Amore worked to help Spotty get through his fear and anxiety issues, and he showed signs of improvement - enough so that he was recently placed into a home. Unfortunately, his adoptive family had a stranger come into the home within 24 hours of Spotty's arrival and that person was bitten when Spotty reacted in fear.

    All hope of a normal life, with a family, was crushed when the adopter returned the seemingly "broken" dog. Dr. D'Amore has referred to the situation as "heartbreaking" because she knows that inside of Spotty is a loving dog who wants to be good.

    Fearing that there would not be the right home available for Spotty, the dreaded "E" word was considered...after all of the training and behavioral work, without the hoped for outcome, Spotty might have to be euthanized.

    On Wednesday afternoon, Dr. D'Amore announced that there was once again home; she was able to get Spotty into a rehabilitation/training program with Brandon Fouche (www.brandonfouche.com). Fouche is confident that Spotty is a good candidate to be trained and rehabilitated, Dr. D'Amore wrote:
    Brandon says that Spotty is reacting out of a learned behavior that Brandon can help him to unlearn - people bending into his space (i.e. an aggressive measure) and then showing some sign of weakness (e.g. a sweet voice saying, “Come here, sweet Spotty!â€).
    So, he picks up on the weakness and moves forward. He stated that this is a learned behavior (probably learned while on the streets homeless on Ocean Beach), and so, Spotty can unlearn it, with Brandon's help.
    The training comes at a steep cost - $3,700 to be exact. Through fundraising, over $2,800 has already been raised - there are a large number of people who are pulling for Spotty right now, and putting their own dollars to work to help ensure that he has every opportunity for success.

    An exceptional effort for a dog who once had no hope of any future whatsoever. Click here to read more about the effort to save Spotty.

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