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OH: A proposal could soon protect pit bulls in Ohio

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by Vicki, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Dog labeling method in Toledo catching on
    A proposal could soon protect pit bulls in Ohio

    Updated: Monday, 27 Jun 2011, 9:50 PM EDT
    Published : Sunday, 26 Jun 2011, 10:48 PM EDT

    * Sharia Davis * FOX Toledo News reporter

    TOLEDO, Ohio (WUPW) - A proposal could soon protect all pit bulls in the state of Ohio.

    The proposed law is currently in the House and if it passes then it goes to the Senate. If approved, dogs will no longer be labeled based on their breed, but judged on their behavior.

    Right now if you own a pit bull in cities other than Toledo and Cleveland here's where the law stands.

    “You have to have $100,000 insurance, you have to have specific containment, and when you're off your property the dog has to be on a six foot leash controlled by an adult," said John Dinon of the Toledo Area Humane Society.

    That's because according to State law, all pit bulls are considered dangerous. But Dinon says not all pit bulls are vicious.

    “You could have the sweetest pit bull in the world and you would have those restrictions I could have the meanest chihuahua in the world and there would be no restrictions,†he said.

    Toledo changed its dog rule back in October, soon after Cleveland followed suit.

    Dinon believes labeling a dog based on its behavior will help keep more citizens in Ohio safe.

    “It protects people a lot better because right now if you have a dangerous dog that isn't a pit bull likely nothings going to happen," he said. "Now the authorities will have tools to take care of the dangerous dogs of all breeds."

    Dinon's unsure if Toledo and Cleveland are the only two cities in Ohio with the new dog rule. He says if the proposed law passes the only way a dog will be labeled, is if it attacks someone.

    Monday morning members of the Public Safety Committee and the Lucas County Dog Warden's office got together to talk about who is going to enforce the dangerous dogs ordinance from here on out.

    As it stands, no one has really taken the reigns on the issue.

    The dangerous dogs ordinance states that you must label a dog based on behavior, not breed.

    Toledo City Councilman D. Michael Collins said the next step will be to talk with Toledo police about giving officers full responsibility when it comes to enforcing this ordinance.

    Dog labeling method in Toledo catching on
  2. reesy1111

    reesy1111 Puppy

    Dogs should not be judged upon their breed!!! ANY dog has the capibility to bite!

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