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A Message For All Ontario Dog Owners

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by Vicki, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    By Lori Gray

    Please remember to VOTE on Oct 10th.

    Thank Dalton McGuinty for stripping rights from Ontario dog owners! Thanks for targeting the responsible owners in your lame attempt to protect the public from dangerous dogs!

    What this (previous) story illustrates is that the message from above is that it's OK to persecute people based on a subjective belief and that if they are perceived as easy targets, all the better.

    I hope Dalton McGuinty realizes dog owners in Ontario have a strong message for him and his Liberal caucus on Oct 10th. We are sending a message they cannot ignore. Say NO to the Liberals on Oct 10th!

    If you are an Ontario dog owner and your pet could be even remotely construed to be a 'pit bull' as described in the Ontario Liberals' pet piece of discriminatory legislation.

    Until the Ontario law is overturned or repealed.................

    please take these steps to protect your pet and keep your dog (and yourself) safe from harm.

    1. Ensure that your dog is licensed and leashed in public, regardless of breed. Avoid allowing members of the public to interact directly with your dog.

    2. If you think your dog fits the 'pit bull' physical description, or if you've licensed your dog as a 'pit bull', American Pit Bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier or Staffordshire Bull terrier or cross of those breeds, follow the leashing, muzzling and neutering restrictions in the law. Be aware that you are at risk. You may be subject to spot checks by officials in your area.

    3. If your dog is a mongrel of unknown ancestry, license him or her as a mixed breed - because that is the only possible description.

    4. Don't let the authorities bully you or make you feel as if you are breaking the law. Make them prove their case.

    5. Your veterinarian will not divulge any treatment info or details about your dog to authorities without your consent. It is similar to human healthcare information - private. Your veterinarian may indicate that a dog is a patient at the clinic but that's all they will say.

    6. If you have not entered your show dog in a sanctioned conformation event (CKC, UKC, ADBA, AKC) yet this year, don't put it off any longer. Enter one now or your dog could be confiscated and killed for being intact.

    7. If you find yourself in a position similar to the one described in the story, do not say anything to officials. Do not invite them in to your home. Do not let them interact with your dog(s) no matter what kind of dog you own or how nice the ACO’s seem. Tell them that unless they have a warrant, they cannot enter your premises and then close your door.

    Hang tough.

    Being a dog owner in Ontario doesn't mean you've given up all of your constitutional rights, even though it often seems that way.

    You are still a citizen of this province.

    Oh, and did I mention:

    Get out and vote against the McGuinty Liberals on October 10th. Tell your friends.


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