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A little help on Breed...

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by unclesandy, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. unclesandy

    unclesandy Puppy

    Hey guys,

    This is Bella. She is roughly 11 months old. She currently weighs about 54Lbs (unconditioned, we're in the middle of that now), is about 19 inches tall, and has an approximately 18 inch neck. She is a rescue who was born in South Carolina. Unfortunately, somebody let the litter loose, or they escaped, shortly after birth; the specifics are unknown. She was just over a month old when she was found with mange, hookworm, fungus in her ears, a prolapsed rectum, and completely emaciated. After a couple foster homes, we were able to adopt her at about 3 months old, and 26Lbs. She is red in color, with a white throat, chest, and stomach. She has a very distinctive "seal" stripe down her back. This stripe stands up straight when she is alert, and dark red in color. This stripe is quite a bit softer than the rest of her coat, although the entirety of the coat is extremely soft, and very short. She has as few dark red nails as well. She is very solidly built, her legs are straight and not bowed. I ran into an APBT Breeder at a rest stop a couple weeks ago, and he felt that she was likely Red APBT with a blue somewhere a few generations back.

    Here are some photos:

    [​IMG]00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190528173701256_COVER by

    Looking at her dimensions and coloration, she seems to be larger female apbt. That being said, I am going off of the breed descriptions found on kennel club pages. Do any of you have any thoughts on what she may be?
  2. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    The man you met at the truckstop might be a breeder but he isn't breeding pit bulls.
    Nice looking dog. She is a bullie, not a pit bull.
    Michele likes this.
  3. unclesandy

    unclesandy Puppy

    Okay! Thank you for the input. Whats the reasoning behind your determination? Not looking to be provocative, I am just entirely new to the breeds.
  4. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    No guarantees, but looks APBT. I don't see bully with this dog personally
  5. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    She is gorgeous.
  6. unclesandy

    unclesandy Puppy

    Yes, no guarantees here period seeing as she is a rescue. Mostly looking for an approximation from the community. Thank you for your input! Bully's tend to be quite a bit stockier, correct?

    Thank you!
  7. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    She's really pretty. I see APBT.
    That "breeder's" comment about blue is pretty stupid. There is no way to tell by looking at a dog her color whether she has blue in her background or not. People have lots of strange, un-informed ideas about the breed. You won't find another breed out there with more myth surrounding it.
    oldman likes this.
  8. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    My opinion is based on my years of experience with the breed and my time being a pit bull conformation judge. She is a higher quality dog for a bullie.
  9. unclesandy

    unclesandy Puppy

    I see, he was mentioning the height when he said that too, not sure what that boils down to...haha I am finding that out quite rapidly!

    I see, you're surely a credible source then; thank you for your input! Absolutely appreciated. I may go ahead and try out Embark or something for a genetic test.
  10. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    I don't think a genetic test would mean much. Some bullies have a high percentage of pit bull in them. I really do not put too much trust in any of them.
    I was around when bullies were first started. They are the reason I quit judging. From the looks of your dog I would think she was an example of some of the high quality red nose pit bulls crossed into the bully line. There were a couple of lines mixed into the bullies that were very good but the owners wanted to go for the larger bulky look of the bullies. I have seen some very nice dogs from the crossing.
    There might be quite a bit of staff blood in your dog also. Some of the best staffs would throw a red nose fairly often.
    Sagebrush likes this.
  11. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    Yes , she could be Am Staf as well. Red noses not common, but definitely do happen. The problem with “bullies” is that it’s not so much what they “look like” - it’s whether they have certain very special (sarcasm) names in the pedigree. I have seen ADBA-style dogs that are called “American Bullies”. Don’t blame you for quitting judging, oldman.
  12. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    Stockiness would depend on bloodline, typically AmBullies are stocky but APBT can be as well. Plenty of classic AmBullies are lean and agile. The ADBA breed standard is extremely broad, definitely not a cookie cutter breed. Considering how new the AmBully breed is and just the number of registrations for both breeds it is far far more likely that a random bull type dog would be APBT rather than AmBully. In the states anyway.
    If you decide to DNA test I highly recommend Embark, they have the largest database and can differentiate American Bullies based on registered dogs they have in the database.
    Nothing is guaranteed, not even a pedigree, just have to appreciate the dog in front of you.

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