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A flirt pole isnt good

Discussion in 'Exotic Mammals' started by George, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. George

    George Guest

  2. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog


    People that think flirt poles and everything else is bad have no idea how to work a dog and keep it exercised and happy! Therefore they should not own a dog! OR A FERRET! :D
  3. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    HAHAHHA..that's great!!!
  4. NiksLotto

    NiksLotto Little Dog

    I don't see HOW a flirt pole could even be thought of as bad! Is it because it teaches them to chase, or move quickly, or bite, I don't get it....am I missing something again?

    Maybe it's because of the breed playing with it...now I can see why a spring pole could be mistaken...the first time I saw a Pit Bull grab a tree branch and hang there I thought it was crazy....but I didn't think it was teaching them to fight..

    Can someone please take the other side and tell me how this could possibly be a baaadd thing?
  5. kiaransimba

    kiaransimba Good Dog

    Kiara loves hers and Simba even loves it too. I don't understand it.

    But I will keep it in mind when someone says that I'm teaching them to fight about it being used for a ferret as well...lol
  6. AnnieC

    AnnieC Good Dog

    there are flirt poles for cats, too, (you know: cat teasers) I guess people are training their cats to fight as well :D
  7. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    A lot of people that get busted for fighting their dogs use flirt poles, spring poles, treadmills etc....for training. A lot of responsible dog owners that show their dogs use them too....
    A lot of the ones that fight their dogs, (I said A LOT not all) use these things in ways they should not be used...over abundance, live animals at the other end etc.....
    The public gets the idea that people that use them, are training to fight their dogs, also because that is "the ting to do" with this breed.
    AR people consider it plain ABUSIVE...dogs should be dressed in suits and ties sitting on the couch watching tv...according to them...

    But just to let you know...this thread was in sarcasm! ;)
  8. NiksLotto

    NiksLotto Little Dog

    But do they really tie live animals to the ends of these things!!!! Holy crap! Well, I don't care what people think, Lotto has a ball with his and if anyone watching him play with it has a problem they can kiss his TAIL! People are stupid...I want to join the canine race!:no2:

    OH and my cats are super boxers because of all the flirt poles they've destroyed...I better keep Lotto away from them until he's had more training:nono:
  9. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    Yes, SOME people do...SOME people so a lot of things that would turn your stomach and make you wanna choke them to death....and we all get punished for it.
  10. NiksLotto

    NiksLotto Little Dog

    Oh God...I don't even think I want to know anymore...that is sick!
  11. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    LOL..yes it is!
  12. George

    George Guest

    True story people are sick.
  13. NiksLotto

    NiksLotto Little Dog

    UGh...my heart just aches...do you know how traumatizing it is for ANYTHING to KILL... WTF???

    I know, I know...And I'm thinking of how Lotto ripped the head of the teddy bear I tied to the end of his (he knows chases a rubber wheel sqeaky toy) and I just want to cry for those poor little animals....ALL of them!

    What is WRONG WITH PEOPLE? It's a rhetorical question...people are just sick in the head sometimes....so so sad:no2:
  14. Arrowhead

    Arrowhead Good Dog

    OMG...they use live animals on the end of flirt poles? I didn't know that. That's messed up!
  15. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    Flirtpole can be bad for puppies, if you let them overdo it. I had a hard time with Terra when she was younger, because she was gung ho for the flirtpole, but her growing body wasn't up for the challenge. But for adult dogs, I don't see anything wrong with it. Its a great stress reliever in my house.
  16. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    not exactly what I meant..LMAO....I was speaking more of spring poles, treadmills, they use the animals as bait....to lure them....make them push themselves more than they normally would....and in the end, they get the animal.....

    You have never heard this before?
  17. AnnieC

    AnnieC Good Dog

    I've heard this, often times its raccoons or cats :no2: I also for get what its called, but they run in circles, there are two bars, dog is on one, small animal in cage on other in front of dog
  18. Arrowhead

    Arrowhead Good Dog

    LOL...I was just picturing this poor animal being flung around on a flirt pole and I was like, WTF?! Oops, my bad, you'll have to excuse me, I have a five yr. old who is running around like a spaz and getting into everything and it's sometimes hard to concentrate on what I'm reading.

    Yeah, I'd heard of spring poles and treadmills and all, but not flirt poles.

    I'm sorry, I'm dumb...Lol!
  19. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    Ya, thats a jenny.....they use them often on that

    You are not dumb! I promise.....I wish more people had no clue! Then we may not be as bad off right now!
    LMAO! you are silly!
  20. firedrake13

    firedrake13 Good Dog

    hah, don't feel bad I was so picturing the same thing...

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