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A Day At The Park

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by Mollie's Nana, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    A Day at the Park

    He is just like other dogs I would always say; He loves to go to the dog park to play every day.

    Everyone loves him there, so it's ok; My dog won't fight--he wasn't raised that way.

    But then one day, right before dark, A troubled young man came into the park. He had by his side the biggest dog I'd ever seen, And unfortunately for us, both were quite mean.

    We asked very nicely if they would just go; The dog answered with a snarl and the man with a harsh "NO!".

    Well his dog was a terror, threatening to all; Then he started a fight with a Lab over a ball. They fought pretty hard and the man would not intervene; Then here comes my dog and pushes right in between.

    He grabbed that big dog and thrashed him around; And with one quick jerk threw him down on the ground.

    The Lab was able to escape; I heard everyone cheer; But my dog was now in a frenzy and would not let me near. When he finally let go, what I saw stopped my heart; That big mean dog had been torn apart.

    The authorities were called, the big dog was now dead; But they didn't take the big dog; they took my dog instead.

    We all tried to explain that my dog saved the day; But because of his breed he was taken away.

    You see my dog was a Pitbull and they don't get any breaks; One small incident is all that it takes.

    A dog had died; And though he hadn't started the fight, My dog was held responsible for what happened that night.

    He was deemed a danger to all and sentenced to death; And I hold him now as he takes his last breath. It's my fault that my dog is being killed today; Please listen for a moment to what I am going to say.

    Everyone warned me about his potential to fight; I said it won't happen, I am raising him right.

    And now my dog is paying the ultimate price; Because I was stubborn and wouldn't take the advice He only did what he was bred to do; Learn from our story; don't let it happen to you.​
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  2. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

    Wow awesome! Thanks for put this up.
  3. bigkahunabo2

    bigkahunabo2 Puppy

    My dog is very good at dog parks also, but I also have the fear of that happenning, that is why I have stopped taking him. Sorry for your lose
  4. my dog was attacked my a boxer the last time i took her to a dog park:mad:
  5. DoggyDaddy

    DoggyDaddy Little Dog

    I doubt that was about her and her dog.
  6. renae_nae

    renae_nae Big Dog

    That's why we only go with other dogs we know (and know their owners of course). I've seen way to many dogs at the dog park to know your dog doesn't have to be aggressive to be in a fight.
  7. inalat slim

    inalat slim Puppy


    that was an awesome poem and something every APBT lover should read and take heed to.
  8. alexismarie

    alexismarie Puppy

    my dog has been attacked by a lab mix and a boxer, so now I limit my time at the dog park to very early mornings, like 6 or 7 am when no one else is there so we can play without having to worry about other owners not paying attentions to their dogs.
  9. mavf32

    mavf32 Little Dog

    Wow, what a great poem. It almost brought tears to my eyes... I am so sorry for your lost, that must have been really hard to deal with, I do not want to even imagine going thru that with my baby.
  10. gottismom

    gottismom Puppy

    Is this poem based on your personal experience? I'm so sorry for whoever this happened to. My Gotti loves going to the dogpark. He has not once growled or snapped at another dog. Never once has he shown any type of agitation or frustration with another. He was even literally attacked by a Chihuaha a few weeks ago & looked to me for direction before he pranced through the field with the little dog hanging on to his top lip.
  11. Gottismom if inwas you'd I'd stop taking him to the dog park.simpley because if someone brings a dog in heat he will go for it and proably be protective over his mate or future mate.he might get between a dog fight also and because of his breed he'll be assumed as the one who started the fight.another danger lies with the amount of diseases at that do park.your dog gets them and takes them back to your house.meaning any young dog or older dog that doesn't have a deffense against them is at risk.some dogs still die even if they have had all of their shots.for your dogs health and sake and your future pets.do not take him to the dog park!
  12. neekie5235

    neekie5235 Little Dog

    wow is all i can say to this poem.

    it is all too true and i would beg any pit owner to take heed. it truly does not have to be your dogs fault for your dog to pay
  13. PoohsGramma

    PoohsGramma Little Dog

    Heed very much taken here. I don't want to lose my Pooh Bear because I was too naive to listen. No dog park and no greeting other dogs on our walks....I'd rather be safe than sorry. (And Pooh also has never shown any agression toward other dogs...so far...)
    Boogie87 likes this.
  14. simbasmom

    simbasmom Puppy

    Aw I couldn't help but cry a little. I really do hate dog parks. Ugh. :-/
  15. bullybaby

    bullybaby Puppy

    The potential risks and the fighting background of Pitbulls have ultimately led me to not bring my dog to the dog park or to doggy daycare. This is a great post and I hope everyone reads the poem, because it is very true. People will take one look at that beautiful wide head and that winning smile and place all the blame on them, no matter if they started or were even involved in a fight. Such a large stigma on such a fantastic dog...a dog's dog.
  16. Eduard

    Eduard Puppy

    joh now you made even me think becouse my pitbull is uselly n friendly dog and play's more then fight's because that is how i trained him he wasin't in a fight yet but n few time's another dog come's and try's his luck but then just runs of again my dog don't like cat's put wonder if he will actully fight when im in trouble or another dog come and bites him or makes trouble wonder what wil be his reaction he is a male and 2 years old
  17. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog

    Are you drunk? Or related to Ken?
  18. rbcamry

    rbcamry Puppy

    That poem is so sad :( but also a very good warning.
  19. BarbaraClark

    BarbaraClark NuckingFuts

    I think it's stupid how many people are reading this and still talking about how their dog isn't like that and how they take them to dog parks! Really? Are you fucking dumb? Did you not get the POINT of the freaking poem? UGH.

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