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6 yr old Pit is not gaining weight!?

Our female Blue/Brindle pit suffered torn ACL'S early this year. She healed by bed rest for several months. In Sept we rescued another pup, Pit/Bully mix and they are 'Sisters' and play well with one another. Problem however, Grace lost muscle and fat due to her injury and we've been trying to fatten her up...past two weeks we took her off puppy food and bought Pitbull food/formula from local feed store. Was told she would gain weight...but no. So, today I bought de wormer and will see if she has that (don't think she does but worth a try) anyhow, anyone else struggling with similar issue?


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Scratch Kingz
Staff member
Look up Satin Balls. Either on the search function here or Google. Make them and feed the dog a small fist sized meatball In-between it's feeding times. Dog will get fat quick feeding this way so you need to counter that with some sort of physical activity. Good luck.