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6 month pit mix fear of

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Hotwheelz, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Hotwheelz

    Hotwheelz Puppy

    I have a 6 month old female pit mix who is afraid of some people & seems to be worse outside. I have been training her since 7 weeks and trying to socialize her. She did okay very young but then started getting skittish. Any advice would be very helpful, thanks

  2. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    maybe find a group obedience class?

    what does she eat?
  3. Hotwheelz

    Hotwheelz Puppy

    Taste of the Wild puppy formula
  4. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

    Where did you get her from?
  5. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

    Also, what exactly does the dog do and how do you react?
  6. Hotwheelz

    Hotwheelz Puppy

    I got her from my neighborhood basically somebody I know works next to couple had a litter in their backyard so not much info on that. The problem is worst outside and when she is off leash. When people approach her or reach to pet her she will move away whine which will turn into a growl maybe bark but you can tell it's fear not aggression. I try to to assure her it's okay and let her approach on her own, if she will not and is just too scared I will leave problem area. And it's not everybody, I've been training her to be a service Hogs so I'm hoping I can figure this damn thing out SMH she's very smart and trains very easily and quickly we're getting ready to start introducing tasks
  7. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

    When you approach people, put the dog in a sit/stay. Bring treats with you. When the dog is calm and sitting, have the person give a treat. Do not "coddle" the bad behavior.
    What makes you think that it's fear and not aggression?
    Nat Ursula likes this.
  8. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    i agree, if you tell her, " it is okay," you are telling her you approve of how she is behaving.

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