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5 Summer Water Safety Tips for Dogs

Discussion in 'Dog Blogs' started by The Lazy Pit Bull, May 25, 2016.

  1. May is National Water Safety Month, which makes it a great time to talk about ways to keep our dogs safe around water during the warm summer months.

    If you’re like many pet parents, you’re likely to take your dogs to the pool or lake, or maybe even on a beach vacation. Perhaps you have a pool at home. No matter where you and your mutt spend time together on the water, take a look at these 5 summer water safety tips for dogs to help you prepare for safe summer fun.


    1. Know if your dog can swim. A lot of people just naturally assume that all dogs can swim, but this is not the case. Know for sure, and don’t take any chances. Even if your dog can swim, she might not be a strong swimmer, and the best way to protect her pet is a life jacket specifically made for dogs.
    2. Wait 30 minutes. Remember how Mom used to tell you not to swim for 30 minutes before or after eating? The same is true for our dogs. Your dog is just as likely as you are to cramp up in the water too soon after eating. Better to be safe than sorry.
    3. Don’t drink the water. When you’re at the beach or on the lake, don’t let your dog drink the water because it can make her sick. Be sure to bring along lots of fresh water to keep her hydrated in the summer heat.
    4. Fence it in. If you have a pool at home, make sure it’s fenced in so that your dog can’t access the area when you’re not with her. In the event that she might go into the pool unsupervised, teach her how to get out on her own.
    5. Never leave your dog alone. Again, even if your dog is a fantastic swimmer, she’s never going to be safe in the water if you’re not very close by.

    One other thing that I highly recommend, whether your dog is around water or not, is creating a pet first-aid kit. Also, consider taking a pet first-aid class. When it comes to protecting your pet, you can never be too prepared.

    What tips do you have for keeping your dog safe around water? I’d love for you to share them with me in a comment below.

    This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one and then make a purchase, we may receive a teeny tiny commission at no additional cost to you. Of course you are never obligation to make your purchase using our links but when you do, an amazing thing happens: you get something super awesome and we make a little pocket change. We call that a win-win!

    The post 5 Summer Water Safety Tips for Dogs appeared first on The Lazy Pit Bull.


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  2. dogeatdog

    dogeatdog Good Dog

    Sea and river swimming: Tips for the not so normal kind of dog
    Don't assume if your dog is getting tired they will come back to land, they don't, they go to they sink.
    Rope swings that your dog can reach from the water are very hard to get your dog off them.
    Swimming too long can cause cold tail (very painful).
    Watch out for submerged trees if your dog likes sticks, they grab a hold and don't come back up.
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  3. Pitbullmom1

    Pitbullmom1 Big Dog

    Hi I had a quick question about swimming, my pup Prince went to the lake for his first time and did real well he's a great swimmer could be the lab in him but I was curious about water in their ears? He kept shaking his head a lot when he got back on the boat is it bad to let them fill their ears up with water? Thanks
  4. dogeatdog

    dogeatdog Good Dog

    Not really , the shaking is him getting the water out. Some dogs are prone to ear infections because of the moisture trapped in the ear but our dogs don't have long floppy ears so this isn't usually a problem. If this was his first time swimming it may feel odd to him causing him to shake more than necessary, you could help him dry out his ear with a soft cloth if you wanted to. Despite the things that have happened in my list above the benefits still outweigh the risks, swimming is a great way to exercise your dog.
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  5. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    One other vital tip, research your area or the water that you'll be going to. There are toxic algea in many bodies of water that can be fatal in a short period of time. So check into it before allowing your dog to swim, especially in natural bodies of water.
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