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2 week shutdown has begun!

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by sdc65, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. sdc65

    sdc65 Puppy

    Hi all:

    We did get the bully-mix from the shelter, he stayed his first night with us last night. Things went really well, we have 2 other dogs, a 7yo Canaan dog and a 4yo Boston Terror/mix. We had a meet-n-greet at the shelter that went well - left lots of room between them and no issues. Then here at home they were all separated by over 20' distance in the back yard. This morning they got a chance to get a little closer, maybe 5', but briefly. So far, so good, just interest.

    Floyd (the new one) hasn't eaten anything - I'm fine with that, too many new things right now. He drank some water.

    When Floyd is not crated, he is attached to me by a hands-free leash. It is amazing to have 50lbs of dog-muscle attached to you! LOL Want a work out? Try this!

    1st vet visit scheduled, deciding between 2 obedience training opportunities.

    Anyway, I have received so much help and so many good ideas here, I wanted to say thanks. Plus, the adventure is just beginning! I'm sure I will be needing even more help soon.


    Horrible pic, and the leash is all wrapped around him, geez! Best we could do at the moment. I'll try to get better pics soon!
  2. sdc65

    sdc65 Puppy

    Oh, I forgot that last night I took Floyd out to see if he had any interest in the flirt pole I built (never would have known about it except on here).


    It was a HUGE hit, and we had a great time. He loves it.
  3. keagan

    keagan Little Dog

    He is a good looking dog! Congrats!
  4. CallSignOWL

    CallSignOWL Good Dog

    way to go!
  5. PocketPal

    PocketPal Big Dog

    all the best to you and your dogs

  6. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    Sometimes with new dogs it can take 2-3 days to get a appetite. As long as a dog is healthy and drinks water all will be fine.
    Good Luck with the new cutie!

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