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2-3 yr old male stafford in ca.

Discussion in 'SBT Rescue' started by Beth L, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Beth L

    Beth L Little Dog


    BRADY IS A WONDERFUL BOY. He is believed to be 2 to 3 yrs old.

    He is heart worm positive. He has only been on the heart worm meds for 3 months now. We are treating it slowly so it will not harm him. the meds used many times can actually kill the dog. he is on heart guard which kills the babies and then the adults will die off slowly. it can take a yr.

    He was living with cats in his past fosters home. he showed a bit to much interest. So I would say NO to cats.

    He has done WONDERFULLY with 1 of my females but my other is Dog aggressive and would be more then happy to attack him. He totally ignores her. When she is in her outdoor kennel run and Brady is loose she go nuts and tries to attack him threw the kennel bars. He totally ignores her when she is doing this.
    I also took Brady to an agility trial with me and he was very good with many different dogs around.
    The female he is allowed to run with has some food aggression issues and she went after Brady 1 day when I forgot there was a bone in the yard. Brady did defend himself but as soon as I yelled stop he stopped. He also had an altercation in his past home but after having him here I believe it was self defense. Esp after seeing his reaction to my Dog aggressive female and now after seeing him with my other female and how he backed off immediately when I yelled.

    He is beyond sweet and just wants to give loves.
    He also had a small child at his last fosters home and they said he was as sweet and gentle as could be with their child.

    He does need some training. He does pull on the leash. He know sit and comes when I call but that's about it for obed commands. I did not want to over do anything with him till he was on the heart worm meds for a few months. I do plan to start some obed training and regualr walking with him now though.

    I have not had him in the house but his past foster home did and said he is house trained. They kept him loose on 1 of their bedrooms and he never chewed anything either.

    He is young and does have some energy. He would do well in a home who wants a walking partner. Now that he has been on the heart worm meds for a few month, he can go for walkes. I would not run him for a few more months though.

    He is a taller stafford. I would guess him to be 17 to 18 inches. But my good friend Karyn who has been in Staffords for about 15 yrs said he looks all stafford to her.

    All adoptions need to go threw the SBTCA.
    There is a form there to fill out. I have no clue about requirements or adoption fees. The form can be found at this link
  2. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    aawww he sounds like a doll! i hope he find a loving forever home hes just about perfect!
  3. Beth L

    Beth L Little Dog

    well Brady found a forever home. he will be going there at the end of Dec. His new femialy has a foster APBT that will be going to her new home at that time.

    I love a happy ending.
  4. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    YAY!!!! So happy to hear! :sonn_u11::sonn_u11:

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