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KS: 15 Minute limit on outside time

Discussion in 'Dog Ordinances & Laws' started by Lala's Song, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Lala's Song

    Lala's Song Puppy

    I read through my City's Dog Ordinances recently, making sure I got everything in check.

    I already know that anyone in my area (KCMO/USA) must spay or neuter their 'bully breed' unless they have a Vet prove that it may be fatal to the dog in question to be altered, or that dog must remain unaltered to compete in Comformation. Or that (like we need it in my area) the dog's owner has a permit to breed.

    However, I had no clue that my dog cannot be outside for any more then 15 minutes, and thats to use the potty. By law, I can't take Aiden on long walks. By law, I can't play in the backyard with my own dog for more then 15 minutes.

    Who owns a dog that doesn't need more then 15 minutes to exercise?
  2. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    That is just wierd.
  3. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    That is awful. What a stupid law. What is less than threeing somebody?
  4. alaskapit

    alaskapit Little Dog

    <(less than) 3(three) = <3 ( a heart)

    i <3 you

    that may have been a weird way to explain....

  5. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    That is awful!
  6. kezgin

    kezgin Puppy

    i bet even law enforcement doesn't know that aspect of the law. plus it'd be kinda hard to enforce
  7. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot Puppy

    In Texas City Texas No pit, Boxer, Rot can be on a teather. If you own any of thees dogs and they are tetherd you will be warned. The second time your dog will be confiscated, put down, and you will be billed for services and fined. The Pit bull aspect is enforced mostly. This is not an issue for me because my boy stays in his crate while we are at school and work. It stinks but I kinda see ware they are coming from. In my area all the Gangstas' fight there dogs. I think my Buster did this before he came to me. Dog fighting is a class 3 misdomeanor so if you do it you will be in jail for about 6 months. Animal control is ok with most folks and there pits but it just stinks that it has to be that way.
  8. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Are you sure it's outside at all or outside tethered/unattended?
  9. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    Stinkfoot, BSL is illegal in TX. I'm surprised nobody's challenged your law.

    Lala's Song, just curious who told you that? I just read the animal code on this page -- http://www.animallaw.info/statutes/stusmoodkansascity_springfield.htm#kansascity -- and I saw some very goofy things, but I didn't see anything saying 15 minutes. Of course, it might not be up-to-date, because I didn't see anything regarding "pit bull dogs" at all. (Although I might have missed it. It's a little extensive.)
  10. Lala's Song

    Lala's Song Puppy

    No, you can leave your pit or any 'bully' breed outside unattented, as long as they are fixed.
  11. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot Puppy

    If you put the dog in a tether in Texas City Tx. you are breaking the law. It go's for all dogs really but in the paper I got the breed listed were Rot, Pit, And Boxer were underlined.

    Bahamutt, Breed specific legislation is not leagle in texas. As a matter of fact you can keep just about any critter you want here from tigers to African cape Cobra's. But then you have county, town, and city ordanance, and directives on what is to be inforced. I am quiet, and dont cause trouble so if my Lab was tethered in my yard then I would mostlikley not be bothered. But if it were a pit, boxer, Rot then that is another storey. I am building an 8ft picket fence so Its a nonissue for me as of this monday.
  12. Lala's Song

    Lala's Song Puppy

    My pup Aiden is NEVER going to be outside with out me or my bf watching him. But it just gets to me that there's law against my dog being outside for so long a time. I'm sure they won't come take him.

    "Sorry Ms. Moore, but we have to confiscate your dog because it was outside for more then the allotted 15 minutes!"

    I know that shouldn't happen, but it's the fact the law is there in the first place, you know?
  13. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot Puppy

    Do what I did, Find a vet willing to say its a lab mix and then you two are in the grey area! Welcom !
  14. Lala's Song

    Lala's Song Puppy

    Well the good news is that he's visibly boxer mix to any one. Of course our animal control mistook a brown pinto Akita for a husky..... Really now AC. Husky's don't come in brown pinto.... Copper yes, pinto no.

    Sorry soap box

    But boxers have no limits and are not marked as a 'bully' breed in my area.
  15. Xelda13

    Xelda13 Puppy

    That is really odd. But also probably not hard to avoid. So say you've got an hour walk you want to go on; do it in a neighborhood where you've got 4 friends and stop in each of their houses for a minute, then proceed on your way. Viola, he was technically inside so that starts the timer over. Or do the same thing at home when playing.. 15 minutes goes by; pop INSIDE for a treat. Then back out for another 15 minute interval. =P Unless of course they also state the frequency that these 15 minutes can occur... :confused:
  16. the Law Lol

    I have the same problem as I live in an apartmet complex that will not tolerate pitbulls rotweilers or German Shepards.. Fournately I was smart when I got Oreo her first shots and told the Vet she was a 1/2 Boston Terrier and 2/3 black Lab. so he wrote this down on her records. and that is the only reason she can be here!!!LOL ever here knows she is a Pit,, but they can do nothing about unless they want think they are smarter than the VET.. She is a wonderfull dog she loves children the only incidence I have had with her was other dogs!!!! Take Care The Lawmakers Have obviously never had a Pit as a loving companion and best friend TOO bad for the as thet do not know what they are missing and do NOT KNOW what they are talking about !!! dbc83@yahoo.com David L Bullard>
  17. SilverBug

    SilverBug Little Dog

    what a bizarre ordinance.....probably made by ignorant law-makers.

    maybe try one of those indoor dog treadmills....or find a friend in a neighboring county with property.....or move. I wonder if they actually enforce it? I know our county enforces the leash law, which I applaud.....but actually timing how long a dog can be out of the house for? Stupid....

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