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13 Dogs Rescued in WV, 2 in Need of Fosters Still!!

Discussion in 'Owner Rescues & Fosters' started by WithHope, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. WithHope

    WithHope Big Dog

    [h=5] 1045043_299589623512026_2123875950_n.jpg

    Help Us give Momma and her 9pups the Vet Care they Desperately need! Every $1 and minute that passes matters to this Momma and her 9pups! Donations also being accepted of milk replacers, puppy food, puppy pads, old blankets, crates, toys, dog runs, and any way you can help. Thanks! Click the link below to help with a monetary donation or contact Take the Lead Pitbull Rescue on Facebook (Charleston, WV) to help with supplies donations. You can also help by resharing this information for us and getting the word out.

    Momma's story: Bred over and over by a backyard breeder, then abandoned while pregnant when he went to jail for dealing drugs. Once a beautiful dog, after weeks of no food and locked in a kennel pregnant, she delivered her nine puppies. Desperate to find food, she broke free from her kennel. She didn't abandon her pups, though. She continually returned to them and kept them all alive and well for almost two weeks before neighbors contacted Take the Lead Pitbull Rescue. Momma and all her pups were rescued on June 25, 2013, along with three other abandoned and neglected dogs from the property. Momma, her nine pups, and a male have all found safe foster homes. However, it will be a long, expensive road back to health for all 13 precious dogs. Two of the adult dogs (one who is in heat) still need foster homes. Please contact Take the Lead Pitbull Rescue to inquire about donations, foster applications, or adoption applications.

    Before Being Abandoned

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