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12 week male puppy weight question

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier' started by GoktanKonuralp, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys ;

    My name is Göktan and i am from turkey/istanbul.

    My little buddy is @ 12 week and 9 kg.
    I am feeding it with royal canin maxi junior and some raw red/white meat.
    Also using some supplements , vitamin and minerals for develop.


    this is my puppy and you can see it's bloodline.

    My question is when i chk internet it seems my pup will be big boy when it grown up but when i chk some puppy adult weight calculaters then it says "underweight for bull terrier"

    I am confuse....When i chk some pictures and videos from youtube and google then my puppy seems pretty big to them when i compare..

    So i wanna ask your comments...

    Thank you very much..
  2. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    Welcome to the forum! Your baby is absolutely adorable!

    The thing about Bull Terrier's is, they come in many sizes and shapes! Even standards and Minis can be big or small as there is NO weight or height limit set in the standards for them.

    Because of this- they vary in size as a puppy from being teeny tiny to huge!

    Your puppies size is determined by its parents sizes
    were they bigger or smaller?
    is the blood line natorious for throwing smaller puppies till a certian age or larger ones?

    I know of some breeders who bitches birth smaller pups that have a growth spurt later on and some breeders dogs birth HUGE puppies that even out later on.

    So long as your puppy is healthy, your vet see's no problem- then there is no problem!
    Talk to your breeder about your concerns, ask about their dogs and blood line and see what they have to say if he is a normal size pup for that line.

    Congratulations on your baby! Have fun with him and just love him for who he is!
    I look forward to seeing more photo's of him as he grows!
  3. Thank you for your answer buddy ,

    Actually my puppy is big when i chk other bull terriers @ 12 week . But i wanna know that your puppys weight @ 8-10-12 weeks =) ofc if u remember =)

    My vet said " it will be big dog " he said it should be 35-40 kg ? Is that possible ?

    http://ingrus.net/bull/en/details.php?id=7951 This is dad and
    this is mom http://ingrus.net/bull/en/details.php?id=8220

    I dont have dad's weight but mom is 25kg and as u know my puppy is male.
    If i did right research then it should be more then 30 kg i guess but my vet's said extreme numbers ?
    atm its nearly 9.5 kg at 12 week.
  4. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    35 kg is possible for a Bull Terrier, and it is entirely possible that your pup may grow to that size.
    as far as the weight of the pups I have had:

    8 weeks-4.3kg
    12 weeks-7kgs
    16weeks- 16.3kg
    as an adult (according to his owner) he was a very BIG bully, i am assuming right around the 31-36kg range.

    8 weeks- 3.6kgs
    12 weeks-5.8 kgs
    16 weeks-12.2 kg

    Cesar's healthy adult weight at 3 years old is 24.9kgs

    8weeks- 3kgs
    12 weeks-5kgs
    16 weeks-6.1kgs

    Chimera was a little girl, stayed petite, small bone, her adult weight at almost 2 years was 40 pounds. and she was very healthy.

    Just try not to get caught up in how much you WANT your pup to weigh, I see a lot of people who, hope and pray for bullies who are in the 80-100 pound range and end p WAY over-feeding and going nuts trying to get them in that weight range. just exercise, healthy diet are what your pup needs
  5. thanks for infos m8

    I wanna reach max weight ofc but i dont want overfeed and make unhealty dog.
    I want max muscle min bodyfat and at this point max ideal weight..
    If you have any food tricks about it then please share .. Thank you..
  6. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    A good quality Kibble, or Raw diet.
    I personally feed a prey model raw diet raw meat, organs, and bones, works well for me and my dog.

    exercise once your puppy is old enough to not do any joint damage (right around a year old)
    you can play with a flirt pole, spring pole, do some weight pulling, swimming is great for building muscle, bike riding and jogging with your pup are great too when he is older.
  7. I feed with royal canin maxi junior and tuna fish / less cooked white meat / red meat / oat+yogurt mix
    for example little royal canin maxi junior and tuna fish mix or white meat red meat half cooked half raw mix and for snacks oat/yogurt mix

    Also omega3 caps / dha caps / calsium caps / some aminoacid liquid / multi-vit and mineral tabs.

    Do you think am i doing right ? after my dog hits 6-8 month i turn pure raw diet...
    What do you think about my diet ? also do you think royal canin maxi junior premium/good quality kibble ?

    and one more question ... when my puppy look to up to me , i mean it lift his neck to up then it breaths wierd noisy...i mean like some pressure at his larenx throat and make noise.. is it normal ? is it bull terrier race thing ?

    my english is not good so i hope u can understand what i mean.. and thank you for your messages..
  8. 9.4 kg @ 12 week

    20140718_083832.jpg 20140718_084156.jpg
  9. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    I think that giving him that many supplements as a 3 month puppy is absolutely unnecessary. Stop worrying about how big he'll be, just feed him a high quality kibble and let him mature.
  10. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    I understand you :)
    as for the kibble, im not very knowledgable about kibble- hopefully someone who is will chime in.
    I would cut out the vitamin supplements being on a kibble diet, those vitamins are already in the kibble, and too much can be dangerous.
    the oat and yogurt is also uneccessary other then im sure your pup enjoys it as a tasty treat :)

    As for the sounds, Bull Terrier pups make all sorts of weird noises- many new owners worry about a very gravelly, gurgle rough breathing sound. this is very normal and all bullies grow out of it. if your really worried, have your vet listen to his lungs, though, I have a feeling its that normal rough breathing sound all bully pups have.
    it can be very unnerving to new owners because it really DOES sound like something wrong with the breathing!

    he is SUCH a cutie!! thanks for sharing the photos he is adorable!
  11. Thank you both of you ok i will cut vitamins and stick to raw food and kimble

  12. Hey man, beautiful pup you got (really, he will be a big boy).

    As for the food, IDK how much do you have to spend, but I would advise you to choose one of these (they are significantly better than royal canin, compare the minerals/vitamins/ingredients of the two and you will see)
    -Tuscan Natural
    -Victor (the only one I wish I had in my country)
    -Taste of the Wild

    I think Orijen is the best 80 meat, 20 veggies, 0 cereals, but they are all so good, that in the end it isn't more than measuring already big dicks, so don't sweat, choose one, or go Raw/BARF feeding .

    As for the supplements, please stop the calcium it will ruin your puppy kidneys and they are already week without much help. Keep the oil (if you have access to good quality olive oil use it to), the rest instead of all of that you could put him in bully max, it as all of that and helps him grew strong.

    The last thing, yeah it's normal (I think so) but ask your vet when you take him for the shots.

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