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$1000 To $7000 And Up?

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by MR.Bonez, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Lol I like ut post but there's something I don't agree with though.not all American bullies are fat,over weight, and lazy dogs.the dog in my avatar or default is an american bully and she is very athletic.I do agree on u not paying that much for them though!simpley because not all of those dogs are proven such as shown and entered in weightpulling events.most of them are bred for their color,structure,cheast,head size,and etc...to me no dog is worth that much and I'll only pay over a thousand for a dog that both parents are proven in show ring.they must be atheletic too

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    They must also be health tested and ofa tested
  2. Jim

    Jim Good Dog

    No bully breeder fully health tests and when you are breeding purely for looks then I think that is the minimum that people should demand as these dogs usually aren't going to be able to prove they are of sound structure any other way.
  3. Well I'll be the first bully breeder that health test their dogs.I wAnt to know that I am breeding the best and inorder to do that I must hve my dogs both health tested and ofa tested and not to mention a champion
  4. Rogue Bullies

    Rogue Bullies Good Dog

    If breeders asked less for the dogs don't you think people would be buying a registered pure bred even more so than adopting a dog because the well bred pure bred was cheap? It would solve nothing and as someone said people are willing to buy them for that much.

    I do think especially in ambullies the price can get ridiculous. However it is not cheap to produce well bred dogs (not saying all high priced dogs are well bred). I think $800-1500 depending on the quality, ownership, and what you want the dog for is a fair price for what reputable breeders go through to title their dogs, test them etc. There are a lot of BYBs that charge that or more as well, but it really wouldn't solve anything if the prices dropped. They are still going to breed and if people are willing to pay that then thats their problem not yours or anyone else.
  5. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Some of the best quality APBTs I know go for some of the lowest prices, which is usually free to a work/show home that they trust. lol.

    Some of the best quality Plott Hounds I have found have been pretty cost efficient (around $200), and those are from worked and proven Sires and Dams.

    So, price isn't always quality. :)
  6. True that because most of the time it's quanity.even though thy say thy are breeding fo quality they really are breeding for quanity.believe it or not I got Sabrina for 150 with papers and everything.she's re and greyline so of course bloodlines dnt have anything to do with it,if so it shouldn't.

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