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$1000 To $7000 And Up?

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by MR.Bonez, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. you know you are making me sound like i don't give a shit about my pups, honestly i love breeding, where i live "pitbulls" have a very bad name and i don't have the market up here to sell my bullies. I have sold a couple aroudn here, but my last breeding our #1 male was 23lbs at 8 weeks, and thats why they want our pups. As far as getting one of their pups i am working on getting a nice kennel set up, so i don't look like one of them puupy farms then i will swap a pup. if this doesn't clear things up i don't know what will!
  2. April

    April Good Dog

    Ok, so you want to breed because "pitbulls" have a bad reputation where you live? But yet you breed dogs that look nothing like "pitbulls" and expect the media and local people to say, hey that 100+lb dog sure does look like a cuddly pit bull? When they are just pets?

    Doesn't make sense to me but hey whatever works, and at the risk of sounding like an asshole, I've seen Muggleston dogs, and most of them are nothing even remotely close to "pitbulls"....Just my .02 though take it like you'd like.
  3. listen im not going to "explain" myself anymore...say what you want everyone is entilted to their own opinion...but im not going to respond, cause someone else just comes up with a rude remark.
  4. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    All Im going to say is Thank You April.
    And Im not making you look that way, YOU are doing it yourself.
  5. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Sorry, if I offended you, I just found it odd as was all. Most people I know who have a great relationship with their breeder, usually get dogs for free, and wouldn't even dream of charging the breeder to give them one of their dogs. It just becomes a mutual respect kind of thing, not a "business" thing.
  6. Efletch426

    Efletch426 Little Dog

    I'll tell you what.. Just started workin with bluestreak and I've had great experiences with them. very positive indeed
  7. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    That came out of nowhere.
    It is great your having such a positive experience. To get to know a breeder like that is amazing, and can teach you great things!
  8. Efletch426

    Efletch426 Little Dog

    Yes well the very helpful lady I've been conversing with is also a fellow Rottie owner... That coupled with me telling her I was hoping to break into showing/competing with my next pup won me some points I believe.

    The point is they have been generous, helpful, and more than accommodating with my 109395 questions regarding the dam, sire, reason for breeding, pedigree, absolutely everything...

    So I'm def considering putting a deposit down hehe
  9. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    Take a little more time, I feel sure once they feel your ready, you may not need to make a deposit. Or so I would think. Talk to them about it, and ask them if you stick around and keep learning, when they think your ready to surprise you with a pup
  10. Efletch426

    Efletch426 Little Dog

    Yes I have time for sure and I have not committed. I'm going to continue working with them regarding some options to avoid an ungodly price tag (which is already seeming to work out well)...

    The only thing is that Famous is up for breeding soon and I'm absolutely in love with the Iron Tyson "line" (I know he doesn't have his own line just making a point to my preference of dog) .... So I'm itching lol

    Got several months before I'm needing to make a decision anyways. Just gotta stop looking at pictures of Famous and the Stud or I know I'll fall in love ha.
  11. phbullies

    phbullies Big Dog

    Famous is an awesome bitch!
  12. Efletch426

    Efletch426 Little Dog

    Isn't she? I've read a bit about her and I have a bunch of pictures of her... Never met her but I'm in love haha.

    My lady loves her too, it's constantly, "Oh my god look at those eyes!"
  13. MercuryNine

    MercuryNine Little Dog

    I guess its supply and demand because they are only charging for that price because there is people out there that can afford it papers or no papers. When I bought Nicky I had no Idea how much these "AM-Bullys" would cost papered or none papered. I paid $250 for Nicky and when I tell people thats in my area of DFW there jaws drop. I paid for as much of the work I guess that was put into her.

    One lady wanted to take of picture of Nicky and myself when I was walking her, The Gentlemen in the ICe Cream truck did not speak english verywell but I did get the point that he was asking me If I had puppies for sell from Nicky which I dont. I'd say about a good 5min after he left this guy and girl walking their two shi Tzu's says as they passed Nicky and I "Now That what I need Pretty Blue Pit Just like that" kinda funny really. Then he stop me later on with he girl,brother and himself saying bla bla bla about sell her puppies for profit and bla bla bla about how she is perfect looking pit as for as proportionate and what not. I took the whole thing as he just wanted a blue pit for profit nothing else.

    Me breeding my own blue pit to another nice looking pit is not something im into. Its Messy,cost funds, lots of vet checks, I most liky the pups will get abandon or abused or end up in shelters, I dont know, when is the last time you or I saw I nice blue pit in your city shelter. Im my own opinion I think alot of the owners of AM-Bullys Take will good care of there dogs. If I was banking like that and pulling in good money every month I could afford to spend 1-2 grand but i can't.
    I hate to bring it up but I will, how much does some of the pups of grand champions in the ring go for? could you get one for $100 or even a show am bully that has great ped/papers healthcheck, all the stuff your asking for with a winning history in the show ring how much they go for.

    I just have a lot of things floating in my head, are there any espensive APBT's are they as popuplar "TODAY" as the exspensive AM-Bully. Everyone takes pride in the dogs be it an apbt or AM-bully. Now into days market there is no place really for the "APBT" and Let me say this its sad really the one thing the dang dog was breed for and now its outlawed "Now" days Will I be seeing your abpt's in a competition show like some Bully show competitions, yea a few most likly some weight pulling events which are sweet too. But I think I see why they might of been breed away from some traits. I agree with a few poster above me. I honest dont know what I have, all I do know is she is cool, loving , smart and blue. If I had to put her choose what breed I would like her associated with it would be a AM-bully.

    Today the Bully pups are in demand and that why you see the high prices in your eyes you might pay 2 grand for a game apbt from a grand champion but in my eyes thats a total waste of money, to each there own. I love the breed as a whole. I do respect the apbt and it history and Im my own opinion my pup is from that apbt Lineage way back when. Just my 2cents /cheers
  14. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    Personally, I own seven dogs. Never paid over 400 for any of them. Dozer which has RE/ Watch bloodlines, and has many champions was 250. Trinity which is a biggie great granddaughter was 400. I paid 250 for a Tri Beast and Zullous Hailmary son, I received a Toshi jr. son for free, and a couple others. All have great pedigrees, some with lil bow wow bloodlines. Yes, many have come from BYB's. That is why you do research on pedigrees and papers before you buy the dog and not after.
  15. GME

    GME Little Dog

    If someone is willing to pay a certain amount of money for a dog, should one turn that down and say, "Hey no ill just take a couple hundred bucks. You keep the other 2k that you just offered me?" I know of dogst that cost 10k just to breed to! My friend just sold his dog for 20k! If people are willing to pay, why not?
  16. April

    April Good Dog

    $20,000 for a dog? That person must have been on crack LOL. I've never seen a dog that was $10,000 just to breed to, that is insane.
  17. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    April, it is insane. And only other dog breeders pay. Most of the time they DO NOT pay that, that is just what they want the general public to see. I honestly think that is why we have so many BYB's ... People see a website and say DAMN THEY MAKING BREAD! Hell, "TIM" WE CAN DO THAT AND GET RICH!
  18. GME

    GME Little Dog

    Ive seen AKC dogs go for way more... In CHina they are sellin Tibetan Mastiffs for damn near $1,000,000 no joke! This dog Kurupt was purchased for 30k, and this dog White Rhino was traded for a $200,000 house... And they werent on nothin! Just were willing to put up the money for something they wanted
  19. April

    April Good Dog

    Oh they were on something alright, its called stupidity. Whats the point in spending that much? So when you breed your dogs you can say hey pups are 10gs each because I paid 20k for the dad, that is insane, and really pointless, but I guess as long as there are idiots willing to always pay that it will keep happening.
  20. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    Kurupt to me isnt worth the paper his ped is written on. I know who your talking about and yes they are all stupid. That is just like the Bow Wow Camp. They should not be selling those dogs for that ridiculous amount of money when their dogs havent proved shit!

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