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  1. Ozy pitbull

    Terminology "rednose" debate

    So is it acceptable to reference my dog as a rednose orrr..? i've probably asked to be shot down here but i've gotta know. In Australian its quite common to refer to a red pit like Dex to be a rednose but nose color isnt a breed right? Same question for the blue staffy here in Australia.
  2. shot88

    My boy is 9 months old and I still can't guess the mixed breed(s) :D

    Hi, not sure if you remember but I posted a thread when my boy Woody was 2 months old. He's now 9 months old and he weighs in 74lbs (33,5kg). He's around 24 inches (60cm) at the shoulder. His growth has finally began to slow down as he put on only 1.5 kg in the past month. So I have 2 questions...
  3. A

    what to do with a red nose pit that has a sun allergy

    Hi me and my family have a little red nose pit bull Abby who appears to be allergic to relativity short exposures to the sun being even 10-15 minutes, she get massive hives and has made it so we can't let her out for long periods of time and now that's its summer we've tried dog shirts ( which...
  4. shot88

    Woody, my new puppy...is he a giant? O_0

    Hi, I've just adopted a 9 weeks old pitbull mix and named him Woody:) His mum is probably a boxer/pit mix and weighs 27kg(60lbs). (I'll attach a pic of her). His dad is unknown. Some of the brothers and sisters really look like pitbulls, some a bit less... Woody now weighs 8.2 kg (about 18lbs)...
  5. Posers! Kane & Kona

    Posers! Kane & Kona

    Not camera shy at all!