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  1. X

    Pittie Spay Options NEED OPINIONS and FACTS

    Good morning all, Just got a new family member (will include pic) and she’s 5 months old. We were talking to the Breeder and he recommends a newer type of spay as opposed to the traditional way. Ovary Sparing Spay….he states that this type of spay is less invasive and allows our girl to produce...
  2. S

    Puppy food

    What kind of puppy food would be best to feed my little guy when I get him ? My pit before him had allergies so she could only eat certain things , but I’m not sure what to feed him .
  3. S

    What color is my new puppy

    So I’m gettin a puppy and I picked him bc he is the only one of his litter that isn’t black , the lady I’m getting him from called his coloring Champagne but I’ve never heard that before so I just figured I’d get some of yalls input . ALSO he needs a name . Was trying to pick a k name since my...
  4. billiegoat

    Hey guys!

    We’re new here. Pandora is eight weeks old. A lil rough around the edges, but she adorable! Hey eyes will make you melt. Lol. Would love to make new friends. Information and advice welcomed.
  5. DestinyB

    New Member, First Time Pit Owner!

    Hello everyone, my name is Destiny and I recently bought a cute little pit-bull puppy about 4 weeks ago. He was apart of the owners second litter and seems to be the biggest of them all. Everyone meet my newest family member Ezekiel. I mostly call him Zeke for short. He was almost 9 weeks...
  6. E

    Hi all! I’m new here and need some help

    Hi everyone, I recently lost my pit of 12 years, she was a blue nose and I’m trying to find a puppy similar to her looks, but can’t find one anywhere. Any help is appreciated.
  7. M

    help training an excitable puppy, leash biting!

    Hi guys firstly thanks for reading i hope you and your fur babies are well! I decided to post this here rather than the normal dog thread as with her size and strength I think its different as if it were a jack russel or smaller dog acting this way and tips that may help with smaller dogs won't...
  8. M

    Meet Xena (7 month old xl bully pup)

    Hi everyone! So this is my bestfriend, shes 7 months old and a whopping 27 kilos! Shes also full of smiles!
  9. adam15

    healthy puppy weight at 7 weeks??

    Hi new here and just got a new baby last week, shes about 7 weeks old the vet said and has had her first dewormer but she only ways 3lbs!! The vet said she was healthy but idk she just seems so small! im feeding her royal canin starter puppy food every 3-4hours, she eats like a horse! what do...
  10. G

    New pitbullxlab owner

    Hey everyone! I have a new Female Pitbull x lab. I have ever only owned labs before so this is new to me! I have looked around about weight and sizing as well as spoken to my vet. She believed my puppy would reach over 70lbs but I am concerned maybe she’s under weight. Wanted to show some...
  11. deepcreek

    First pitbull- completely lost please help

    I'm gonna apologize for the essay in advance, I just have no idea what to do. If this belongs in another forum, please let me know and I'll move it over. Thank you. I adopted Indy (5 mos. old) a couple months ago and so far, she's pretty much my dream dog. She's the regular amount of trouble...
  12. A

    Is my 9 month old pit too thin??

    Hello there! I visited my family today and my mother was hysterical about how "emaciated" my 9 month old dog is. She was adamant and as yall know, once you're told something over and over again you may start to believe it. So I am wondering, based on these pictures, does she seriously look like...
  13. M

    Looking for a puppy

    I have a neutered male rescue goldendoodle. We want to add a puppy. Thinking about a pit bull. I keep seeing things about being dog aggressive. Is this more in males or females? I want to do the best for my family. I don’t want to bring in a puppy and have problems later. If someone could point...
  14. D

    ear crop too long

    I recently had my pups ears cropped he just turned 14 weeks old and he had them done at 12 weeks. I specifically asked for a short crop right before he was taken into the procedure. After his bandages were taken off I could easily see that it was not a short crop. He has More of a show crop and...
  15. Gokul

    New puppy owner. Seeking opinion on puppy

    Hi Guys. Happy to be here. I am from India and I am about to get a American Bully.. Even though I always wanted to grow a dog, this is gonna be first and a dream come true.. Been watching out for it, for a long time.. Recently got an offer for the below 2 puppies from my contact.. Thought I'd...
  16. Gokul

    New puppy owner. Seeking opinion on puppy

    Hi Guys. Happy to be here. I am from India and I am about to get a American Bully.. Even though I always wanted to grow a dog, this is gonna be first and a dream come true.. Been watching out for it, for a long time.. Recently got an offer for the below 2 puppies from my contact.. Thought I'd...
  17. P

    Mix Breeds

    Hello, we got this puppy about a week ago in Mexico. She is a street dog ad we have never seen her parents. A lot of (almost everyone who sees her) people say she's a pitbull mix. Wondering what the more pitbull experienced population may think? Added photos of her and one with her sister. She...
  18. P

    New Puppy - Pitbull mix?

    Hello, my partner and I recently took in a street puppy in Mexico. We have never seen the parents, but feel she looks a lot like a pit bull mix. Wondering what people who own and know about pitbull breed think she is. She is young (maybe 2 months). It looks as if she has a bit of brindle, and I...
  19. Q

    Will neutering my 7 month old make him bigger?

    I read that neutering a puppy before puberty makes them taller, because the hormones that signal for growth plates to close are absent. I was wondering if nutered my 7 month old would it have a similar affect. being that growth plates don’t close until around 14 months.
  20. Emily412

    Chipped teeth?

    My 7 month old puppy chews her bones so hard that she has chipped her front teeth. I do know that she has lost some baby teeth and grown adult teeth, but was unsure if these front teeth were possibly still baby teeth? Also is this a normal behavior? Should I be concerned?