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  1. A

    Identifying a dog of unknown origin

    Hi, Ive recently acquired a new dog and am unsure as to what mix of breeds he is. Max is a pitbull type dog but I am unsure as to whether he has any APBT in him or whether he is a mix of American bulldog or Staffordshire terrier. This is particularly important as I live in the U.K. that has...
  2. E

    Hi all! I’m new here and need some help

    Hi everyone, I recently lost my pit of 12 years, she was a blue nose and I’m trying to find a puppy similar to her looks, but can’t find one anywhere. Any help is appreciated.
  3. teh vicious


    Hi everyone, I'm a pittie mom to Lola. I used to be a dog walker/pet sitter and Lola's rescuers hired me to walk her while they were looking for someone to adopt her. Without getting too graphic, Lola was found chained up and left in the woods and is dog aggressive, so we assume she didn't have...
  4. MikeyThicc

    I Think I Have A Pit/GSD Mix? Opinions welcome

    Hello my name is Mike and this is my dog Ash. I believe he is a GSD/Pit Mix. He is a rescue and I adopted him when he was 4 months old so I never got to see the parents. When we got him he had mange and was very under weight. We decided to bring him home and get him back in good health. He is...
  5. J

    I need advice on my rescue's aggression

    2 days ago, i took home a very scared and thin female pit that someone had dumped at my car lot. Shes very sweet and adjusting to me well, but shes still snippy with my other dog. Hes very gentle and minds his own, but out of nowhere she will become aggressive with him. Im looking for some...
  6. P

    I designed a funny Pit Bull shirt , Check it now .

    What do you think guys about this design ? More information will fine here : http://bit.ly/showMeyourPitties Best regards,
  7. P

    New Friend of your's

    Hello Everyone ! I'm Malik and really happy to join your forum , I’ve grown up with pit bulls my entire life , i really want to take care of them very well . I decided to join this one due to the fact I have more similar interests and i will get more information about how to get care of my...
  8. jmgr21

    Only For Pitbull Papas

    Any Pitbull Papa? Don't miss your chance to show the world that you're the dad of a wonderful and loving furry baby. We also have hoodies, iPhone and Samsung softcase and coffee mug. And if you use promo code PITBULL21 you'll get a 20% discount on any purchases...
  9. jmgr21

    Only For Pitbull Papas

    Any pitbull papa around? Don't miss your chance to tell the world that you're the dad of a loving pitbull, with this cool shirt. Also available hoodies, iPhone and Samsung softcases, and coffee mug. And if you use promo code PITBULL21 you'll get a 20% discount...
  10. jmgr21

    Hello everyone, new pitbull advocate here

    Hi guys, John here. For the longest time, I was the kind of person that thought pitbulls were dangerous until a neighbor introduced me to her APBT and honestly is one of the kindest and loving dogs I ever meet in my life, so I did some research and realize that actually they are one of the...
  11. D

    ear crop too long

    I recently had my pups ears cropped he just turned 14 weeks old and he had them done at 12 weeks. I specifically asked for a short crop right before he was taken into the procedure. After his bandages were taken off I could easily see that it was not a short crop. He has More of a show crop and...
  12. P

    Mix Breeds

    Hello, we got this puppy about a week ago in Mexico. She is a street dog ad we have never seen her parents. A lot of (almost everyone who sees her) people say she's a pitbull mix. Wondering what the more pitbull experienced population may think? Added photos of her and one with her sister. She...
  13. Ozy pitbull

    Opinions welcome

    Sooo I've had my dog Dex for 6 years now. Never really cared what he was but just outta curiosity what do you think he is.. people have said he's a dolmation to husky. So what do you think.
  14. M

    Skin and fur issues

    hey everyone Marleys had issues with her skin since she was a puppy but it’s gotten worse over the years I’m not exactly sure how to describe what’s going on so I took some pictures to show, she doesn’t let me know if she’s in pain because of her skin issues so I’m not sure if she’s in pain or...
  15. J

    New here: Need help with a pitbull

    Hi, I’m a kennel tech at an Animal Hospital and Boarding. A pair of pitbulls (a boy and girl, not sure if neutered or spayed) came in today. They are in separate cages. The boy, Tramp, is known for being slightly aggressive. He has to be fed by hand because he rips metal bowls apart and cuts up...
  16. GlowingRoses

    Pitbull bully pup 10 weeks old, very feightened

    So I bought the prettiest pitbull/bully mix last night and named her Juliet. She is only 10 weeks, is all up to date on shots and wormings, and she was so amazing on the way home. Now since I brought her in the house last night she immediately tried to hide and cower under the table. She is fine...
  17. Jenna Im

    Hey there!

    I'm a mexican college student, well, I'm on a break due to major depressive disorder and anxiety and I'm about to get a Shih Tzu - Pitbull girl of one and a half month. I think that it could help me with my issues and also I'll be giving that little princess a home. I'm here to learn more about...
  18. pitbulldogs

    Vote August Puppy 2017

    Voodoo Harley Quinn Jester Peetie Lt. Coco Bongos Lena Griffin Gunner
  19. J

    Puppy problems

    hi guys Listen, ive got some problems with my pup. He hurt his left hip and the vets took xrays and nothing appeared to be wrong. Still think he tore a ligament cause he is still limping. He also developed a rash that looked like pimples on his private part and it looks like a big bump/lump...