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  1. A

    Is my 9 month old pit too thin??

    Hello there! I visited my family today and my mother was hysterical about how "emaciated" my 9 month old dog is. She was adamant and as yall know, once you're told something over and over again you may start to believe it. So I am wondering, based on these pictures, does she seriously look like...
  2. Emmy Kar

    Bad skin problems

    Hi, our male white pitty has been dealing with a really bad skin infection. He's been taken to the vet multiple times, been on several antibiotics and nothing seems to be working. We are trying to do everything we can to figure it out and was hoping someone here might have been through the same...
  3. Q

    Will neutering my 7 month old make him bigger?

    I read that neutering a puppy before puberty makes them taller, because the hormones that signal for growth plates to close are absent. I was wondering if nutered my 7 month old would it have a similar affect. being that growth plates don’t close until around 14 months.
  4. Mr maverick

    What do you do for EXERCISE

    Everyone has their own way of exercising. what do you do? What suits your dog best?
  5. Vern

    Hello, my name is Vern and I am a Pit owner of 3.

    All 3 keep me on my toes and on the go. Trained and friendly, well all but one. He is my 8-year-old male Pup Pup, very territorial and protective of his property. Lately, I have been having issues with his health that my vet cannot exactly put her finger on. I am here for advice, to both give...
  6. Mr maverick

    Bully max

    Saw this product about 10 years ago as well green rhino same kind of supplement/weight muscle bulidng product. I personally wouldn't give it to my dog what are your thoughts??
  7. Mr maverick


    Health risks/benefits of fixing should I or should I not and if so when is the best time to do so. People say six months and for behaviour issues? Also people have bin telling to let him grow and do it at year and half? I have also bin reading a bunch of health risks that come along with...
  8. Mr maverick

    How big will he get

    How big will Mr Maverick get he is just 5 months now and about 45 lb he eats 3 lb of raw a day and gets 2.5 hrs of good exercise a day his dad is between 120-130lb mixed with cane corso and mother is 60-70lb
  9. Mr maverick

    Orijen dog food

    What do y'all think I use to feed this to remme dog but she is now on raw it's a canadian branded dog food called orijen https://www.orijen.ca/foods/dog-food/dry-dog-food/six-fish-dog/