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  1. W

    Dog developed lesions. Any suggestions??

    Hi My 9 year old dog developed like lesions 3 months ago. We went to the vets and have been on antibiotics as well as steroids. Yet, it has not gone away. I think it can be allergies to some kind of food. He has been on a dry grain free kibble diet for a long time. Any suggestions please?
  2. Breegalasso


    Hi everyone! My pitbull got treated for hives with steroid pills and antibiotics a couple weeks ago. Needless to say they came back before we were done with the antibiotics (although I think the steroids helped) because she gets some time of allergic reaction every time she goes outside. Well I...
  3. B

    Here For Winston

    Hello, my name is Bridgaline (pronounced Bridge-a-lean). Usually just go by Bridge. My fur baby's name is Winston he is currently 9 months old. He is a Blue Nose pit. He is a pure breed pit. I've had him since he was 3 months old. My boyfriend and I traveled from Arizona to New Jersey with him...
  4. M

    Hi! and hoping to find some support with chronic paw/skin issue. Can you help?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, and I'm here because I'm trying to find some support around my dog Little's chronic health problems, particularly interdigital cysts (or what look like cysts). I found some helpful info in the forums, but I thought it would be good to reach out too. Here's...
  5. A

    what to do with a red nose pit that has a sun allergy

    Hi me and my family have a little red nose pit bull Abby who appears to be allergic to relativity short exposures to the sun being even 10-15 minutes, she get massive hives and has made it so we can't let her out for long periods of time and now that's its summer we've tried dog shirts ( which...
  6. m.n.k.

    Proin for steroid-induced urinary incontinence?

    Has anyone used Proin to control urinary incontinence caused by steroid medication? Does it work? I got a prescription for Proin after it seemed like my pit had developed spay incontinence, but then I realised that she was only having accidents after eating canned pumpkin, so she doesn't need...
  7. Toe_Tappy

    LID Grain Free Foods

    Hi all! It's been quite a while since I've visited the site. Ludo and I have been through quite a bit. He's 4 months post op from his 2nd TPLO surgery and doing well aside from his food intolerance issues, which is what brings me here. He's had allergies since he was a pup and I've done well...