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  1. Bullful

    Looking for reputable BT breeder in NYC

    AKC Meet The Breeds will be held at Javitts Center October 20 & 21. Visit the BTCA booth.
  2. Bullful

    Lurker posting up pics of my new guy

    And would you then wash the chain every night? Bull terriers are not a breed that is known to bloat. That is usually larger dogs. All mine eat out of raised stainless steel bowls, some are slow, others finish before you turn back around. Just make sure that food sizes are small enough that there...
  3. Bullful

    There is NOTHING wrong with Liver color

    I was always been under the impression that the true albino's had red/pink eyes, not blue. I also believe that blue eyes have been associated with deafness. In some breeds liver is undesired and a fault, in others it is a disqualifier. Although some look very nice it is not something that you...
  4. Bullful

    New dog, What do you think?

    Danielle, I think you have confused me with someone else. I made no mention of Bowser being bred to any dogs. See how easily things can get confusing on the internet?
  5. Bullful

    Exercise during Heat...

    And the teacher showed her student exactly what she wanted...
  6. Bullful

    New dog, What do you think?

    Danielle, Very surprised to see Bowser up for adoption. Do not know your situation but perhaps now you can see what becomes of dogs that have high drive and special needs. This is why I personally like a more sedate bully and a couch potato that everyone can cuddle with and the reason I have...
  7. Bullful

    Love that old school Bt!

    Unfortunately the skull used as an example of an '80's EBT is one that is terribly undershot and used to make a statement. If one takes the time to read the standard they would notice that this is not the accepted or preferred bite. I have 4 in my house that have great bites and one that is...
  8. Bullful

    Bumps all over body and red/swollen between toes

    Perhaps it is a case of hives brought on by stress ( seperation anxiety)? You might try Rescue Remedy by Bach.
  9. Bullful

    first heat

    A good stud dog will know when the time is right, wait 10-14 days and see how he is behaving.
  10. Bullful

    DANG IT YACHIRU JUST ATE 3 or 4 Chocolate Chip Cookies. >:(

    Had a boxer when I was in my teens. He ate a box of chocolate covered cherries. Someone called the police about a dog foaming at the mouth and when they showed up we told them the story and they laughed their butt off.
  11. Bullful

    DANG IT YACHIRU JUST ATE 3 or 4 Chocolate Chip Cookies. >:(

    Have you ever used peroxide and water? If you see that your dog has recently swallowed something that can be hazardous to their health you can induce vomitting by using a 50/50 mixture of peroxide and warm water. You should be able to find directions on the internet. I use a 30cc syringe and...
  12. Bullful

    I'm in need of some good advice! Please weigh in...

    If I read correctly you have a bitch and you were given a male. That is a positive. She will probably take on a motherly behavior until he gets older and challenges for authority. If you maintain the hierarchy I don't think you will have a problem. Just be vigilant. Feed seperately and at least...
  13. Bullful

    Congratulations CH Minotaur Gridiron Mission To Marzipan!

    She looked terrific in the breed ring. Congrats to Pete and Vanessa. Congrats also to all the bull breeds and to the Am-Staff that placed 4th in group. It is a shame that some breeds have upwards of forty dogs competing and we are hard pressed to get 8 mini's, 4 colored and 3 white's entered.
  14. Bullful

    Roxy my new keeper .

    Nice bitch! Best of Luck with her.
  15. Bullful

    old classic Hinks terrier/ Indian bull terrier.

    Breed Standard All one need do is go to the parent club of the breed they are interested in. The BT at the BTClub in England (country of origin) and the German Sheperd in Germany of course. Read their illustrated breed standard. You will find a picture of the ideal dog and what "responsible"...
  16. Bullful

    My recent two litters

    visit the www.btca.com website and peruse the breed standard. Then read the article on Breed Type.
  17. Bullful

    My recent two litters

    No Can't make it as I've been out of a job over a year. Yes , I see that he is in Spain. FB buddies with Sanval also with Steve. You're good buddies with Steve?
  18. Bullful

    My recent two litters

    Who are you replying too? Did a post get deleted?
  19. Bullful

    My recent two litters

    The funny thing about that is that all around the world he is known by his call name "RUFUS". Many of the top BT's in the breed are referred to by their call names and quickly recognized by fanciers however the general public have no knowledge of them. It has been often said that Rufus is the...
  20. Bullful

    My recent two litters

    Actually Silver Bullet (Gunner) is Rufus' son and the littermate to our red girl Sarafina. Rufus' father was Einstein The Joker (Schorse). On Rufus' mothers side he goes back heavily into his English lines so you are correct that they all lead back to Merry Ole' England. His grandfather being...