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    I'm in need of some good advice! Please weigh in...

    I gotta agree with some of the things people said, and disagree with some of the other things, but basically, my first thought was exactly the same as Tom's (bullfull). Unless your pit female is nasty from the get-go and will not welcome the puppy, your odds are good, at least until the puppy...
  2. M

    Looking for my first Bull Terrier in SOCAL

    Ditto to Bulltlott's post: Suz is wonderful. and Contact the Cal breeders on both the BTCA.com and Minibull.org lists to ask when they'll have litters, and if you're concerned about typiness, you can always inquire as to the pedigree and pix of the sire and dam etc. And probably go meet at...
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    Cute Valentine's Day gift, and proceeds go to bull terrier rescue

    Very cute bully eggheads, perfect Valentine's Day gift for your favorite bully owner (or *you*!), made by Melinda Golden and profits to benefit Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue (with currently a dozen dogs at their Bullie Bungalow). In addition to your egghead, you'll receive a Valentine's Day card...
  4. M

    Need Opinions...

    I'm a natural cynic so when someone claims something, I tend to not believe until verified! Esp when looking at stuff over the internet, where EVERYTHING is suspect! LOL
  5. M

    Need Opinions...

    Unfortunately, people lie on their websites. ;-) Papers can be forged, and when confronted with puppy cuteness, it's hard to demand going over the contract with a fine-toothed comb! There is no such organization as the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of the Untied States (unless they made it up...
  6. M

    Max trancing

    What Leon is doing sounds like a reaction to something he's unsure of so yes, it sounds like he is wary of certain objects. That's not trancing: The trancing is usually, but not always, linked to something lightly grazing their bodies (like the leaves of a bush, etc.) I believe it's related to...
  7. M

    Need Opinions...

    Can I also suggest that when getting any vet paperwork that you call the vet to confirm. I have seen instances where veterinary paperwork was forged (easy to do when you're just giving someone a copy of the PLL or other tests) There is a puppy under a year old in Eastern PA. If you go to...
  8. M

    Help me find a Bully!

    There are no Bull Terrier Club of America bull terrier breeders in Alabama, unfortunately. The BTCA breed club enforces a standard of conduct and code of ethics that most other breeders do not so I would suggest you find a puppy from one of them rather than someone on the internet, no matter...
  9. M

    Bull terriers in India

    Second what Bullful says: you can find a lot of the old-style bullies through rescue!
  10. M

    Scalibor Collars

    Parasites prefer to infect an animal or organism with a weaker immune system. Raw fed dogs, or dogs with low carb diets, are thought to have stronger immune systems; thus sometimes (but not all the time) a smaller likelihood of infestation.
  11. M

    Bull Terriers and Spring Poles?

    Not really about spring poles, but there's a trainer in NYC who taught her dog to jump through a hula hoop. It's as rigorous to the dog as jumping rope is to humans, and it gets her dog lots of exercise in their apartment. Have been meaning to teach mine to do it. I dont' think it would take...
  12. M

    Rufus (not *the* rufus* but *another* rufus), a almost 8 month old bull terrier puppy

    Courtesy posting for an all-breed rescuer: Gangly brindle puppy Rufus, born February 2011, needs a home. His so-called 'breeder" gave him and his sister to a rescue when she couldn't sell them quickly enough. Had to make room for a new litter!!!??? :-) He's currently in Eastern PA and the...
  13. M

    The South Carolina Six: Bull Terriers neglected by addicts need help

    Thank you! We're posting wherever we can...if you're on FB, you know how awful the whole rescue situation is in Florida and the rest of the Southeast. And California had a horrible influx earlier this year. It a crisis, truly.
  14. M

    The South Carolina Six: Bull Terriers neglected by addicts need help

    For the past year, the Florida shelters have been inundated with bull terriers on an unprecedented scale. A group based in So Carolina called Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue has been taking in the lion's share of these bull terriers and trying to place them. This weekend, Recycla-bull...
  15. M

    Cool swag plus shameless plea

    fctv808: I don't know but I would absolutely think so, since a USPS stamp to Hawaii is the same as a stamp to any other part of the US! Write her and ask! M. M. Golden Art | Artist and Dabbler in Just About Anything
  16. M

    Cool swag plus shameless plea

    These very cool "egghead" ornaments are made by Melinda McPherson Golden. She has different ones in stock, or she will customize one in the likeness of your own bully if you send her a picture. They're only $12 (plus mailing), AND she will donate half the price to my rescue if you desgiante us...
  17. M

    Very Gassy dog...is this normal? What can I do?

    "Tripe is literally no nutritional value" True, *white* (bleached) tripe has no nutritional value, but the green (raw) tripe has protein and fat, fatty acids, "good bacteria" etc. It is quite rich, I believe, so should be fed in small quantities, but it has lots of nutritional content.
  18. M


    Eyelid tumors need to be removed surgically. One of our bullies had his done a few months ago. He had it taken off once before, but the vets did not do it the "right" way, so it grew back. New vet did the surgery properly. No problems at all. The eyelid masses are almost always benign...
  19. M

    Standoffish BT?

    I agree to give it a bit more time: she's still an adolescent and changes in the brain can do odd things to behavior! LOL I agree with Bullful that maybe you could use the treats for formal requests you make of her, but to spend more time making her feel good about being with you. Massages...
  20. M


    Yes, of course, you are right. I went home and looked in Small Animal Clinical Nutrition (which granted has some info I don't agree with in it, but that's another story lol). Should have checked before I went all crazy about the doses! Sorry bout that!