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Search results

  1. bamaman

    Hi, new member needing help!

    Go to your local shelter and adopt !
  2. bamaman

    A List Of Different Types Of Pitbulls

    I didn't read it eitrher AGK.My skin was crawling when I read didferent tyoes of pit bulls
  3. bamaman

    Feed change suggestions

    35 for a 24 lbs sack .I stand corrected .Muenster is in that price range.
  4. bamaman

    Feed change suggestions

    She said she is feeding All Peak by Rachael Ray .I think what read so I'm guessing around 40 bucks a sack which is why I said Victor purple.Muenster is in a higher price range .I dont doubt that its better feed though.Also I havent priced Rachael Ray feed so I may be way off the mark.
  5. bamaman

    Feed change suggestions

    Victor be the best bang for your buck Imo ..Victor Pro in the purple bag is good feed.Better quality than what your feeding now .
  6. bamaman

    My man I'm not into frozen .You start with good dogs andd make them better.Frozen is like going...

    My man I'm not into frozen .You start with good dogs andd make them better.Frozen is like going back to square one imo
  7. bamaman

    I have none.

    I have none.
  8. bamaman

    5 months old

    I like it !
  9. bamaman

    5 months old

    Be glad !
  10. bamaman

    Tightrope Procedure for ACL tear?

    It works on humans.I can think of 2 college QBs that had the surgery .Tua Tagavialoa and Jalen Hurts both had it on a high ankle sprain.Ive never heard of a animal having it done so relatively new for both human and animal.Id say its a roll of the dice but like I said it does work on high ankle...
  11. bamaman

    What do you feed your dog?

    That's right AGK your eyes is your best way to determine health without some blood work.Eyes can take you a long way and I always look at dog shit and it really does tell the story.
  12. bamaman

    man biters or not

    Like dropping a long lead down a peace of pvc pipe when you walk him lol.
  13. bamaman

    What do you feed your dog?

    Also watch your digestion aids.You want the food to stay in the body long enough to absorb nutrients .Yogart has proven to be a good digestive aid for dogs and humans.You really want to get technical start studying the shape and color of shit.
  14. bamaman

    What do you feed your dog?

    I agree with AGK .Its about equivalent to a guy who lifts weights for 45 mins a day but tries to consume 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight a day.45 mins of working out will not burn no where near say 200 grams so the rest is shit and pissed out .It really makes it harder on your system to...
  15. bamaman

    Not sure on my breed of pitt puppy

    She is a Pit Bull Mix a more polite word for Mutt.She is cute so just relax and enjoy and keep educating yourself.
  16. bamaman

    Intros - just got second pitbull

    Get a break stick and learn how to uae it
  17. bamaman

    “XL Pit Bulls” really a thing..?!?!

    Is this a perhaps a preferance ? I do put some extra weight on mine for colder months but not excessive .IMO its easier on joints and especially on older dogs to keep excessive weight off .Like I said though I do put some extra on the dogs for winter.JMO not sure if its a right or wrong answer here.
  18. bamaman

    If the price was right would you take your clothes off for money?

    Hmmm how long will the Marriage last after the fact ?
  19. bamaman

    Grand Champion MAYDAY R.O.M. D.O.Y.

    Mayday ? I thought you were a Zebo man ?
  20. bamaman

    "Creative" Dog Names

    I like all those AGK and for me I'm just a bland kinda guy.Bob,Clyde,Louise,Lucille lol but I do like your names.