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    UK - Review of the Dangerous Dog Act

    Change.org "BAN BSL" We are at present 1380 odd votes sitting in 36th position and getting worse off by the day, we cetainly have let the animals down very badly,and the USA the anti- BSL lobby has shown they are not really serious about getting rid of BSL. With this no.of votes the Pro-BSL...
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    Montana Bill Seeks To Ban & Euthanize Some Terriers

    Like a Cancer,each day a new patient except like Aids this is undoubtably a transmittable Disease ,Hitler's BSL.I will repeat myself this piece of Illegal legislation has nothing to do with the dogs,merely a few nothing councillors showing they are fighting "CRIME" and they are looking to...
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    Brantford, Canada - Ban Making Pit Bulls a Disappearing Breed

    Bryant Bentley Maguinty the 3 Genocidal Maniacs.. from Ontario,someone whether abot the bite incident make any difference, Bryant who was responsible for inflcting Hitler's BSL on Ontario when questioned once could not identify a pitbull standing next to a golden retriever. It makes wont to be...
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    Breed bans

    This figure of 4,700,000 dogbites per year,where does this no. eminate from,is it another figment of that Scumbag K.Nelson and his sidekick Organisation Dogbite which is very ,very, biassed.????
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    VA-Mayor Seeks to Strengthen Vicious Animal Ordinance

    There seems to be many Smiths in this costabulary,but am not quite sure what she is on about,she has seen a pitbull going for a walk,one playing in the back garden,what happens if she sees a Muslim at the local Macdonalds will she want to start preparing for the next 9/11. This has to be treated...
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    North Plains, OR - Councilwoman - elect Trying to Ban Pit Bulls

    Somebody voted this neo-nazi in,now she is going to show thatshe is capable of implementing laws that does not make the real Criminals angry as in these cases they go after the law-abiding family pets..She states that this is going to be her first play,has anyone asked this human garbage what...
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    Sample Letters

    Every day there is another state talking BSL,as far as I am concerned the bulk of this issue has nought to do with pitbulls,but merely little nobody councillors needing to pass some laws that they can enforce as there main target becomes the law-abiding.Also these sweet begging letters creates...
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    Breed Specific Legislation Form Letters

    Nice Sweet Letters are for nice sweet people To me there is only way this EVIL and HEINOUS Law is going to go away is a Deputation to the new President-elect and pleading for assistance. To carry on writing to these chicken hearted mayors who just pass it on to their Animal-control officers...
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    Vermont kills 38 innocent pits, because of attorneys hatred of them

    Euthanise or Murder...................................... Must admit euthanise sounds nicer,but having experienced this evil in Dade county(animal control)2 weeks of having visited my 2 Amstaffs there and having had a full scale battle of keeping these 2 alive,while a very nice gentleman Sean...
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    Pitbull-Chat Anti-BSL Crusaders

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    Pitbull-Chat Anti-BSL Crusaders

    I am most definitely in ,as long as I do not have to call SCUM like Nelson,Bryant or Wetterhof Sir.
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    Vermont kills 38 innocent pits, because of attorneys hatred of them

    Richard ,to write to SCUM like Kory Nelson................ and try to reason is a bit like writing to Adolph Hitler and asking him to attend Synagogue on Friday nights,it is not going to happen. Kory Nelson is nothing but a civil servant.( notwithstanding he beleives he is a war hero.)He works...
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    Homeless Pit Bull and Poodle Find True Love-UPDATED With A Happy Ending!!!

    Apparently they have been adopted to-gether,and there were many applicants.Yes a happy ending.Merry Xmas All
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    Pitbull-Chat Anti-BSL Crusaders

    Am 100% in agreement with this strategy except "the nice letter part" This piece of legislation is ILLEGAL in all respects.Countries incl. US fought wars to eliminate Ethnic Cleansing. 2 main perpetrators of this crime are failing politicians and power hungry council workers,one is voted in by...
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    From all of us, Hello!

    Great looking animals,had a run in with Dade County some years back.Sean Gallagher is the local Genocical Maniac there. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
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    Hello from Vermont

    He looks bootiful, Good Luck....................... It is terrible that we have to fear a new Gestapo in 2007.Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
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    Morning all, Fortunately here in Portugal the politicos and police have not yet started making a meal-ticket out of BSL.I have always maintained the poor animals have nothing to do with this EVIL law,rather the politicos who are failing dismally on real issues now go after the law-abiding and...
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    Am semi retired and spend much of my spare-time fighting politicos and the scumbags that create this EVIL and HEINOUS law. I live in the Algarve Portugal.