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Search results

  1. dakar

    Penelopi the pig

    pig ? auauhauhauha !!!
  2. dakar

    I'm too sexy for this soul. Lol

    LOL !!! he likes her videos !!! maybe we can try to help them arranging a meeting. Rossi want to visit maine in august. ;-)
  3. dakar

    New family addition

    May God listen you!!! this one, will be my champion ! :-)
  4. dakar

    When and how to train a puppy

    Little cuba is always hard to get something, but i guess that some training centers. Use the search, i guess theres a post about it in MIA. Hope that helps !
  5. dakar

    New family addition

    Lol ! 3 male ! 2 blue and Rossi in red and white. I guess that will be last cover of my big blue. Thank you !! :-) Thanks. He is very beauty puppy. Hope he heritage the same temperament of his father. :-)
  6. dakar

    New family addition

    Yep ! My little blue !!! :-) Son of my big blue. Rossi's brother (same father diff mother)
  7. dakar

    New family addition

    Folks, New member on my family (the dog). His name is Foosa the Darkness Nergens ! The darkness was a tribute to the great movie "the ghost and the darkness" with Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer.
  8. dakar

    Rossi at breakfast....

    Jazzy, thanks for the list. I love garlic and rucule or spinach. ! Broccoli ! I thought that garlic were used against infections. Curious not be used in dogs... Who said Americans eat just fast food ? Spinach and garlic Rulez !!! Im still starving ! Someone, please, ship me a salad ! Lol...
  9. dakar

    Rossi at breakfast....

    Dont you guys want to adopt me ? its 06:00 pm, im still hungry... I know how to sit, stay, bark... !!! just give me yogurt ( i like the greek one), veggie with garlic !!! rice... just dont give proplan, royal canin or hills, ok ? ps.: i dont need a collar too, either crate. ROFL
  10. dakar

    Rossi at breakfast....

    OMG !!! her eyes are so amazing ! lol !!!! Btw, these veggies looks amazing. what is that ? with garlic ? please tell me ! im starving. lol
  11. dakar

    Exercising too early?

    Beautiful guy !!! I refrain myself to give opinion about it, because could be wrong advise. I just can tell you, that I have an Amstaff with 5 months who loves Run, jump in the pool, try to climb the tree... My concern is to make him happy. if he is happy with that. Who am I to deny ? This...
  12. dakar

    Fun, Fun Naming Thread

    I have another idea. what about Marvin Gaye ? :-) . or Marvin Cooper. lol. Marvin gaye is the ladies man. better than barry white. :) ask to any girl who listened him singing "lets get it on" lol
  13. dakar

    Rossi at breakfast....

    Jazzy !!! When I bought Rossi, the breeder was too specific and serious with me saying: "Don't do any of human food to him. Just dog food. NEVER GIVE HUMAN FOOD" . I confess that caused me a trauma and I was lazy enough not researching if is true or not. I got my wife giving him cheese...
  14. dakar

    Do you leave a collar on your dog 24/7?

    I'm not. Just few hours. I live in a house where my closest neighbor is 30km away. When I'm at my apartment collar during the day and removed before he sleeps.
  15. dakar

    Fun, Fun Naming Thread

    Barry white!!! Ladies man rules ! Lol
  16. dakar

    Fun, Fun Naming Thread

    Goose or ice man :)
  17. dakar

    Fun, Fun Naming Thread

    Sorry. Male version of Bella. I mean.
  18. dakar

    Fun, Fun Naming Thread

    Bellini, Its in venetian dialect, but, when the italy was unified, it became an italian name. Its the female version of Bella (beauty). Hope that helps, Ciao, Dakar
  19. dakar

    THE Rant Thread

    Damn it ! 3 hours at police station to register a car robbery. I was stopped at the red signal, the guy came, put the gun in the window and told me to get out... shit. all my cds and documents (id, driver license). Fucking dangerous country !
  20. dakar

    Fun, Fun Naming Thread

    Open for anything? Hummmmm Fred Mercury Or Elton John Or Alice cooper