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  1. Tiffseagles

    Mischief update

    Thanks guys! Here's some recent ones. We also had another fun agility trial - no photos of that one. And we have our first disc competition in 3 weeks. She had her first warmup spot at a flyball tournament and did very well. She will be warming up again next weekend. Learning about...
  2. Tiffseagles

    Happy Birthday Rosie

    Omg, happy birthday!
  3. Tiffseagles

    Mischief update

  4. Tiffseagles

    Mischief update

    Staffie mix all grown up at 16.5 months old! And with her sister, Luna
  5. Tiffseagles

    Perry Mason

  6. Tiffseagles

    Ginger...now a 13-year old senior

    She's so grey but also looks like she's doing great at 13!
  7. Tiffseagles

    It's been a few years...

    The baby dog is now all grown up - just shy of 15 months old. She completed her first disc league, is finished her first agility class, her first agility trial is coming up AND she is racing other dogs in flyball (showing great promise) with hopefully her first warmup spot sometime this year...
  8. Tiffseagles

    It's been a few years...

    She's grown up a bit since these photos! 6 months old 10 months 11 months And at flyball practice <3
  9. Tiffseagles

    It's been a few years...

    I know, she's a bit wacky! Mischief is growing up too fast! She's 5.5 months old now.
  10. Tiffseagles


  11. Tiffseagles

    Thinking about getting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Hey! Not sure if you are still looking into this. I do not know about their ethics/cannot give a personal recommendation, but many of the Staffies I see in flyball come from or are related to dogs in these kennels. Sorry, not familiar with anyone in the PNW...
  12. Tiffseagles

    It's been a few years...

    A few more recent photos
  13. Tiffseagles

    It's been a few years...

    And lots has changed. I'm finishing up school. I'll be moving back to Pennsylvania soon. And, oh, I got 2 dogs. Down&Back's Mischief Managed, "Mischief"- Border Collie/Staffy mix And Luna FM MBDCH-G TF-III RATS
  14. Tiffseagles

    Luna's Official Thread

    Unimportant update. The squirrels in Michigan are bold creatures.
  15. Tiffseagles

    Check out these YPS!

    Thanks for explaining. That makes total sense!
  16. Tiffseagles

    Check out these YPS!

    I don't know what YPS is but congrats!
  17. Tiffseagles

    puppy throwing up water

    Please take this advice.
  18. Tiffseagles

    Those who vaccinate their own dogs

    Lots of things matter when doing your own vaccination. Where are you getting the vaccine from? If from somewhere like a Tractor Supply, you have to keep in mind that there's a high risk of vaccines being mishandled. At best this may cause them to be ineffective and at worst they may actually...
  19. Tiffseagles

    Barn Hunting Border Collie

    In her first trial a few weeks ago, we had some issues. She wasn't able tocatch the scent and got frustrated leading to her running out of time in the first trial and incorrectly hitting on a tube in the second. We worked on some things in practice and went to our second trial today. She passed...