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Search results

  1. Rodeo

    Breaking Bad

    We just finished the 5th season and watched last weeks episode. It was slow the first few episodes but it continues to get better as it goes.
  2. Rodeo

    Kill or be killed?

  3. Rodeo

    What do YOU look like?

    I'm bored and having a crappy night... Last one I swear
  4. Rodeo

    Exercise/muscle toning

    Oh crap... Sorry... Really didn't notice they were so obvious haha
  5. Rodeo

    Two way fetch

    Mildly visible spine taken 5 minutes after the counter surfing pic lol
  6. Rodeo

    Two way fetch

    For photographic proof... This dog has a visible spine 90% of the time and all his ribs show fairly often... Wish I hadn't deleted the pic that showed his ribs. Not trying to hijack with pics just making a point. The way a dog is built really effects which bones are visible at a good weight.
  7. Rodeo

    Two way fetch

    Ya the angle of a picture can be deceiving.... Dog looks fine to me.
  8. Rodeo

    Exercise/muscle toning

    Sounds like you are doing a great job with the pup. Definitely hold off on the harder work until over a year.. Maybe closer to two. Although, generics really do play a huge roll. Pictures never do my guy justice but this is him a month into working (took the winter off)
  9. Rodeo

    Post your "heart" dog..

    Oh jeez. I've always said Rodeo was my heart dog But I'm pretty darn attached to Bo as well
  10. Rodeo


    Haha! Bo swims about like that. Great pictures!
  11. Rodeo

    Raw Food Picture Thread

    Today's lunch
  12. Rodeo

    What do YOU look like?

    I went back to brown hair :P Fishing On a walk
  13. Rodeo

    where do you buy your antlers

    I wish I would have thought about that during hunting season.. I'd have all sorts of chews lol
  14. Rodeo

    Beau killing a rabbit

    I thought he caught a real rabbit, darn lol Bo keeps trying to dismember his duck but he's not nearly as ferocious as Beau :P
  15. Rodeo

    VIDEO! Goren pulling!

    He looks like he loves it! I can't wait to get a harness.
  16. Rodeo

    You know your dog is spoiled when....

    I'm with you... Mine go through bully sticks too fast to be worth buying very often lol
  17. Rodeo

    How does your dog act around other dogs??

    Bo tends to be a little weary around new dogs in general so I just keep him away from most of them. We had one incident where he lunged at a couple of dogs walking up to us. Not sure what set him off but it was enough for me to keep some distance between him and strange dogs. The only male he...
  18. Rodeo

    Needy dog

    Oh my goodness that is so Rodeo. I can't go to the bathroom alone, or get up in the middle of the night to get a bottle if water without an escort.
  19. Rodeo

    Do People Ever Ask You..

    The only question I ever get is where I buy my collars. I don't even get bothered about the pinch collar which surprised me.
  20. Rodeo


    I'm lucky and everyone who meets my dog goes in about how healthy he looks. Vet said he looked like he could pull my truck home. My SO's brother is the only one with something negative to say. But his dog is fat so I brush him off.