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    Ella's Lead Collar

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    What kind of names do you like?

    I like action names, strong names, objects, names that mean something, animal names. I like a lot of different things. Not a fan of people names but a lot of my animals do have human names. Some of my older ones have middle names too but some of the younger ones don't. Dogs: Emily Rose...
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    Ella's Lead Collar

    Still available. $30 shipped in the US.
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    Ella's Lead Collar

    I posted this before in an old thread. Making a new one to see if there's any other interest. I've lowered the price too! Would love to see this go to someone who will use it. It just sits there as my dog never wears it. Ella's Lead Boris McStolly 1.5" wide, black leather, red rhinestones...
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    taste of the wild food

    All of my dogs are on TotW. They have been for more than 3 years now. My dogs do excellent on it. Emily, the red female, has skin issues. Before switching to TotW, she was on other high quality but grain inclusive foods and her coat was so patchy. Her skin was bright red and irritated. She was...
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    New Pics of the Dogs!

    Thanks all! That Paua Shell collar from Ella's Lead has been on my wishlist for a long, long time! I LOVE IT!
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    New Pics of the Dogs!

    Thank you! Sorry they are so huge! lol
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    New Pics of the Dogs!

    Pirate showing off his new collar! Emily being her pretty self. Emily demanding the ball! One of the littles for good measure. Penny, Bayleigh, and Gremlin The whole crew!
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    Stillwater Leather and various small dog collars

    Bump - if interested in any of these collars, send me a PM. I'm open to any offers. If the picture isn't there, it has sold. Thanks.
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    Stillwater Leather and various small dog collars

    Some new collars and the same old Stillwater. I'd really like to see it go. lol Not a huge fan of the thickness on my dogs. Awesome collar otherwise. Ella's Lead Boris McStolly 1.5" wide, black leather, red rhinestones, red suede lining 15.5"-18.5" $70 shipped in the US or best offer PM me if...
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    What's your color?

    Black and Tan is probably my absolute favorite but Buckskin with a full dark mask and red brindle are up there. My dogs are red and chocolate. I like their colors too. I can find individuals of any color attractive but I do not care for blue or all white dogs in general (of any breeds).
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    Ear crop - results

    It does look nice! I'd like to see more close up photos. :)
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    The Girls

    Thanks all! Em was very focused on a piece of ice. lol
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    The Girls

    Just a few pictures taken today of the bully girls in the house. Lyra - My foster dog. She and four of her puppies are still available for adoption. Emily - Please excuse the eye yuckies. She'll be 10 years old on Jan. 29!
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    Thinking of changing my pups name.

    I like both names. I think I like Mamba a bit more because it isn't as common as Raven. Raven, to me, is more of a girl name. In my house at least, it doesn't matter what name you call. All of the dogs come. lol
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    Luxating patellas - Your experience

    My yorkie has it in both legs. The vet said once she gained more muscle, it would probably go away. It did and he even approved of taking her lure coursing. Her's are mid grade. I haven't noticed her skipping around in a long time. Probably six months or more.
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    I have not weighed them in a week or so but they were between four and 10 pounds.
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    These monsters are 8 weeks old today! Rebel - He's turning into a handsome little dog. Cali - She reminds me of a little bully puppy. She's really pretty though and really coming out of her shyness! Oli - He is going to Wisconsin! Paco (in the back) with Oli - He's a massive little...
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    Nope, no one is spoken for yet. Ella had a potential home but she backed out when transport became an issue. Everyone is still available. I really hope that when we start heading to adoption events, they'll go fast. Six seven week old pups is starting to become challenging! lol These guys can...
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    Seven weeks! These babies are so much fun! They're still so tiny! According to my human scale, Ella is 4 pounds (the smallest) and Paco is 10 pounds (the biggest). Crazy! I really need to get some more good pictures of Lyra. Poor thing is getting neglected when it comes to pics. lol Karma...