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  1. SamThePitbull

    Update on Sam!!! And new puppy, Carly!!

    Omg I know I suck at updates guys, sorry! Everybody down in Mexico is doing great and Samantha Puckett is loving her new buddy Carly Shay ;) Theyre both healthy and doing well and so is my hubby :) Sam playing with little Carly One of my favorites daddy and his girls Snuggle fest...
  2. SamThePitbull

    I guess you guess'll be wanting an update on Sam...

    I know, I know I've totally been MIA I'm sorry! Life back in the USA has been good but busy and yet dull. Ive been working 6 days a week to save money but its been harder to save than exoected -_- but hopefully I can get Sam and DH over here soon, I miss them soo much! Sams doing great, I get...
  3. SamThePitbull

    Hello everybody :) I have a potty question!

    Thanks MsAcer thats great advice, im going to have my sister read your post. I think you nailed it. :D
  4. SamThePitbull

    Hello everybody :) I have a potty question!

    Ill write an example of this morning.. Im spending the night at my sisters. And addie and I are awake first. Addie has to pee so I stick her outside while I get the coffee going. I then get her leash and open the door to get addie and take her on a little walk. She didnt pee while she was...
  5. SamThePitbull

    Hello everybody :) I have a potty question!

    I suppose we could check for UTI. She adopted this dog about 5 months ago though and it seems more behavioral. Sometimes it seems submissive. Sometimes shes too excited and piddles. Sometimes she just randomly decides to just squat down and hose the carpet lol.
  6. SamThePitbull

    Hello everybody :) I have a potty question!

    Well she isnt crate trained, but thats not an option my sister really wants right now. What is submissive peeing? Addie does kind of do a submissive thing where she just puts her ears back and ducks her head down and pees. Like shes scared or something, but shes never been beat or anything.
  7. SamThePitbull

    Hello everybody :) I have a potty question!

    Ok so this is my sister's one year old dog, Addie: Little Addie has a peeing on the carpet problem. She knows shes supposed to go outside, and my sister has been very good about praising her when she goes outside and telling her no when she pees inside. But Addie sometimes seems like she cant...
  8. SamThePitbull

    What do YOU look like?

    Rockin it with my hello kitty poster lol
  9. SamThePitbull

    Im still alive ;)

    Im not in jail!! hahahaha... yet!
  10. SamThePitbull

    Im still alive ;)

    Hello everybody, sorry I dont come on much anymore! Without Sam around I just dont have much inspiration lol. Well, everything is going well. Ive just been working a lot trying to save money to get Sammy and hubby up here back to mommy! I miss my puppy sooo stinking much and DH too, but were...
  11. SamThePitbull

    One Click Captures

    It definitely does KnL, but Im always glad to get happy pics of my girl :)
  12. SamThePitbull

    One Click Captures

    Awe, my favorite recent picture of my husband with Sam. Look how big shes getting!!
  13. SamThePitbull

    What do YOU look like?

    Re: I just don't know.... Proof that Im still alive!! Feeling happy and much healthier back in the USA!
  14. SamThePitbull

    I just don't know....

    Great post Chairity. Kojac, my sister is involed with Magellen (spelling could be wrong), which is a government program for the mentally ill. She and her schizophrenic fiance both receive medication and government assistance. They do need help making big decisions and are on permanent birth...
  15. SamThePitbull

    Hershey Is Here.....And He's A Fat A**

    Aw he's cute!!! I love the squish hehe. Awesome work JJ and Ali for getting this guy a good home :) and Horatio too!
  16. SamThePitbull

    I just don't know....

    Exactly what Kamdon said, sounds like great advice. Your husband really needs to see a doctor and you and your family shouldn't have to bend around his needs. I grew up with a mentally ill sister so I know how hard it can be, but with proper meds/counseling even severe cases can have normal...
  17. SamThePitbull

    What do YOU look like?

    Ill get involved Soooo much makeup on hahaha
  18. SamThePitbull

    Pitbull Speed compared to other breeds

    Dude Tanner that was AWESOME. Callie is one of the coolest dogs ever!!!
  19. SamThePitbull

    ALL INPUT NEEDED!!! Confo shots of Copper and Pumpkins amazing transformations!!

    Oh I looove Pumpkin and WOW Copper has come such a long way!!! Awesome! Really great work LT!
  20. SamThePitbull

    RIP Baloo

    Oh no BlueBaloo, Im so dearly sorry to hear this :( We are all here for you, whatever you need. You did the right thing. Run free Baloo