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Search results

  1. Kahne

    Fair price for shelter dogs?

    I paid 250 for Cheeks fully vetted and neutered (along with a goodie bag of collars, leashes, coats ect). I think that is a fair fee. Anything more then 300 would seem a little much to me.
  2. Kahne

    Two Mighty Weight Pull Harnesses for sale

    I have two very gently (they are pretty much brand new) used mighty weight pull harnesses I don't need. The blue one is a size 22 the green is a size 24. 55 each or both for 100 plus shipping. Message me or email me at Breejl131@gmail.com
  3. Kahne

    Too much bell on ear crop?

    It's not my taste but its definitely not the worst I have ever seen! Is he a show dog? Will this crop bother you for the rest of your dogs life? If both the answers are no then just let them be... Like I said not the worst I have ever seen. this is why I have never had any of my dogs ears done...
  4. Kahne

    Proposed Legislation in MA Would Impact Shelters, Rescues and Fosters

    Bring it on! I don't mind having my home inspected if it means stricter regulations for the HUNDREDS off dogs being brought up here every month from outside New England. Also I hope this cuts down on the illegitimate rescues and the foster homes who has WAY to many dogs for anyones good. I do...
  5. Kahne

    Thinking of keeping my foster.

    I am usually really good with not becoming attached to my fosters but I cry thinking of her being gone and I cringe at the fact that someone could unknowingly fuck her all up again. I talked to the Shelter manager last night and told her how I felt, She said if I want her she is all mine no...
  6. Kahne

    Photos from New England APBT Club in Westfield MA

    Thanks all! I do not have any ADBA dogs so I did not show any dogs but did the pictures. It was a great time and I met a lot of great people and dogs.
  7. Kahne

    Who elses dog loves the ocean?

    Kahne and Kirby love to swim, Duchess and Cheeks just wade in the water. Genesis has not been to an ocean yet :)
  8. Kahne

    a new foster, and I'm a little weary

    Agreed, It also will weed out a TON of idiots if he is neutered. If you don't personally know the person you really have no way to know if they will neuter him or not. Are you working with a rescue so you can get him posted on PetFinder?
  9. Kahne

    Keeping white dogs white

    I use Bio Groom Super white on Kirby (well my groomer does) and it work fantastic, she also baths him twice.
  10. Kahne

    a new foster, and I'm a little weary

    Crate and Rotate is pretty easy once you get it down just make sure your crates are sturdy and if you can crate in separate rooms. Are you planning on getting him fixed?
  11. Kahne

    Thinking of keeping my foster.

    I am so worried I will regret my choice to give her up if I do and even more worried that someone is going to fuck up all the training we have done and she will end up being the nervous wreak she was just three weeks ago. I always said four was my limit for my own personal dogs but she just...
  12. Kahne

    "Pitbulls" (a question of opinion)

    This. Also unless you plan of showing I would look into rescue. There is a ton of AmBully type dogs in shelters up here and you wont have to pay an arm and leg for one.
  13. Kahne

    Thinking of keeping my foster.

    I am so torn right now, Genesis has been with me for three weeks now and everyday I love her more and more. She is a three year old pit bull mix who came to stay at my house after being in the shelter for months with no interest.... How could a dog as cute as her have no one interested in her...
  14. Kahne

    this is my new amstaff 8 weeks

    75 for your dogs ears to be cropped? I do not know where you got that quote from but all I can say is RUN RUN RUN! Vet cost are high here but even in places with lower vet prices a good crop would not be 75. Yes many places do free or low cost spay or neuter; If you have some extra cash give a...
  15. Kahne

    this is my new amstaff 8 weeks

    Cute pup! I like the look of cropped ears and I like natural ears but if you are not going to show in AKC use that money on something else like training or a emergency vet fund. Around here ear cropping is 600 on the low end.
  16. Kahne

    Prayers needed...

    So sorry to hear! Good luck to her! Stay positive.
  17. Kahne

    Meet Clyde!

    Great photos! What lens did you use for these?
  18. Kahne

    Photos from New England APBT Club in Westfield MA

    Better late then never, right? :) I went to my first ADBA show at the beginning of the month, it was a great experience everyone was super friendly and I got to photograph some of the best dogs I have ever seen in person. Enjoy :) New England APBT Show: Westfield, MA - a set on Flickr
  19. Kahne

    Interesting story about my final walk through of my new home lastnight. *Dead animal*

    I would want a new freezer and I would want to know how that puppy died. I would be bleaching the hell out of the house.
  20. Kahne

    Chain Collars? (NOT choke chains)

    I had a foster dog who was improperly chained out side with a chain and he had a 1in wide silver discoloration mark around his neck (he was white) it took months to get his white fur back. If your dog is irritated by a collar I doubt chain will help. And from going off what SevenSins mentioned a...