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    Does my Jack look like an AB?

    Hey, I haven't been on here for a long while. Thanks for all the replies. I ended up moving to the apartment and had the vet put him down as an American Bulldog mix. He has the scissor bite Nafi77 mentioned, but his tail also does curl up above his back. So, although there is no way to know...
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    Does my Jack look like an AB?

    Wow, that is definitely small! :) ---------- Post added at 12:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 AM ---------- And thank you everyone for your replies!
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    Does my Jack look like an AB?

    Do you mean you don't see American Bulldog, or you don't think there is any bulldog in him, as in he is not a "pitbull" type dog? ---------- Post added at 10:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:23 PM ---------- Small town, right? I presume smaller than Bloomington. ;)
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    Does my Jack look like an AB?

    Bloomington. You?
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    Does my Jack look like an AB?

    ^ Good point, thanks! I'm in Indiana too, btw. :-)
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    Does my Jack look like an AB?

    He weighs about 65 pounds. So, American Staffy, huh? Or mix? What does he look like he's mixed with? Does anyone see American Pitbull Terrier? I have nothing wrong with it (I've met so many that are so sweet), but I know it may be hard for me to find another place if he is.
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    Does my Jack look like an AB?

    I adopted Jack 2 years ago from someone who had posted an ad on Craigslist. She told me he was a pitbull (I know, no such thing as a pitbull really), so I didn't really know what to call him when people asked me. Recently, several people have said he looks like an American Bulldog, including...
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    Hi, I found this site by looking for pictures of American bulldogs. I have a dog named Jack, 9 year old male, and I thought he was an American Staffordshire until recently when a bunch of people have told me that instead he looks like an American Bulldog. I was hoping to get some insight. Thanks!