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Search results

  1. cliffdog

    Protecting What’s Real

    if you are breeding dogs based on their conformation you are hardly preserving a breed. you can go to a shelter and find a pet bull, condition it up, and win a fun show. does that mean that shelter dog is a good example of an APBT? the dogs may not need to do exactly their original job, but they...
  2. cliffdog

    Wow Dobermans

    I like the bounce-of-the-walls energy, myself, lol. I wish Bonnie had a little more of it. I like a handful.
  3. cliffdog

    Wow Dobermans

    Wow, Terminator was gorgeous. Most Dobes are, though... IMO :)
  4. cliffdog

    Does he look fit for an AmBully?

    It probably seemed pretty negative that I commented on your dog's faults without acknowledging what a stunning and fit dog he is. Very nice.
  5. cliffdog

    Wow Dobermans

    I always like dogs on the smaller end of the standard. I don't mind having a bigger dog,it's just not my preference. (Within the standard of course. I wouldn't waste my money on none of those "kings" and "warlocks" out there.) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 using Tapatalk 2
  6. cliffdog

    By Request.....Boogie Nights Kennels Dogs :)

    I couldn't pick a favorite... nice pictures of nice dogs!
  7. cliffdog


    PBR is a phony registry that will register a chihuahua as a Pit Bull if you pay them the money. Only used by backyard breeders.
  8. cliffdog

    Does he look fit for an AmBully?

    High rear lacking angulation IMO.
  9. cliffdog

    Lexy's ear crop

    Lol, nice costume. She is a cutie.
  10. cliffdog

    Halloween makeup

    Nice!! I love halloween make up/costuming... it's one of the most fun things you can do IMO. I didn't get to costume this year but last year I had a pretty nice prosthetic mask, came unpainted and needed some modification with liquid latex but I loved the end result: (this was after several...
  11. cliffdog

    New Krayon, Tue & Kahlee pictures..... Kinda heavy

    Krayon is such a handsome dog. They all are.
  12. cliffdog

    Apbt And Ambully pencil

    Loathe as I am to say it ;), I think I like the Ambully better too. They both look good though. Need to work on the paws. That is my failing point as well.
  13. cliffdog

    Medusa's Ear Crop and introduction to the forums

    Yeah, they look like they need posting. She is too cute!
  14. cliffdog

    Wow Dobermans

    I'd also like to know bloodlines if you get the chance to ask... ;) I'm just really interested in that sort of thing.
  15. cliffdog

    Wow Dobermans

    I'd love to see pics!! 60lbs is about average. Females are typically between 55-75 when healthy and lean with some even as small as 45. Bonnie's 76, I always wished she would have been smaller, I would love to have a 50lb Dobergirl!
  16. cliffdog

    Has anyone seen a crop like this?

    Dobes, Boxers, and Danes tend to have (hideously) long crops and in that case they will NOT stand on their own. Just won't happen. They will require some posting, anything from a couple of weeks to several months or even a year. Thankfully APBT people never had the poor sense to decide such an...
  17. cliffdog

    Free Morgan

    A goldfish bowl is one thing but keeping highly intelligent marine mammals in small tanks just disturbs me, especially examples which are wide-ranging migratory animals like the Orca, which can travel over 6,000 miles.
  18. cliffdog

    does anyone use wild game that they killed

    All my dogs eat is wild game.
  19. cliffdog

    Cruelty-Free Raw

    Well, like I and others have pointed out, it's hard to be sure the meat you buy was humanely raised because a lot of farms squeeze around the rules to get those "free range" "cage free" certifications when in truth their animals are raised the same as any other "conventional" farm. You can try...
  20. cliffdog

    Free Morgan

    I think zoos and aquariums are a disgusting concept altogether. They won't cease to exist as long as people are visiting them. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 using Tapatalk 2