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Search results

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    Feeding My Pregnant dog.

    This website just sucks now everybody just trys to make people look stupid. Sorry i bothered trying.
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    Feeding My Pregnant dog.

    My red nose girl is pregnant, I was wondering if I should change her food at all? Shes always ben on a high protein diet.Could the extra protein hurt the pups?I gess im trying to ask Do the pups need anything diffrent that I can supply in her food? sorry for my stupidity. Thank you
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    More Cleo Pics From Today!

    good lookin female rite ther!
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    chain setup question

    Ya iv always ran a cable like that, but now i got a fence.
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    What 3 breeds would you use?

    I wuld breed a Ole english bulldog to a boxer. then Patterdale.
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    my dogs balls

    Ok im taking him to the vet. But im wondering if it could have anything to deal with my female being in heat? They hav ben seperated, but driving him crazy. ---------- Post added at 08:57 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:54 AM ---------- No and hes acting alrite besides the licking.He...
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    my dogs balls

    My dog will not stop licking his balls and they are like chapped. It looks painful. What can I do to get him to stop?
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    Clyde AKA Poppa

    Nice colors!
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    New puppy brought on milk in our older pit...need help

    I got my pup at 5weeks and stated her on fresh goats milk. I gess shes alot bigger then most of the siblings. I think thats the secret haha.
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    Mixing Kibbles 50/50-Merrick brands

    I mix blue buffalo and kirkland 50-50, but im tryn for the more protein.
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    Westminster Kennel Club

    the boxer was real nice!
  12. B

    hello i own two pits and have alot of questions

    I didnt see how a pit +120 lbs. could move let alone hurt ppl.
  13. B

    pit and staff

  14. B

    My new Am Staff Hemi

    Beautiful dogg!!!good luck!
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    Uppy and Tedi pix.

    Nice Dogg.Love the Blackness
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    "bishop" my brand new pup

    nice dog. I wuld like tha one too haha.
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    My 2 1/2 year old Max

    Ya i see what you mean looks like he could have sum apbt in there. Beautiful dog thoe, Huge, great looking dog man.
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    Hi. You have sum very nice looking dogs. I was wondering if u have ever bred and are willings to...

    Hi. You have sum very nice looking dogs. I was wondering if u have ever bred and are willings to breed that handsome white boy shorty? I was just thinking looks like he'd be a nice stud for my red girl. Beautiful color and size.
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    Pit bulls as guard dogs

    Any dog will protect its yard. Depends on the pit, a bully is supost to be non-dog aggressive.An apbt would defend against other dogs more, usually.Pit bulls were bred to fight each other and be loyal to ppl. But Down the line theyv ben bred and trained to do alot of other things. I think it...