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    Original Head Type - Proper debate placement

    Don't your EBT hold them good? Yes, very extreme heads make difference on performance (I know because mine plays with one and the guy as to look up so he can bite, while playing and he has trouble breathing), but the head of yours is a normal head. You have apbt, so you know that an apbt even...
  2. L

    dang, my BT is so different than my neighbors lab/apbt mix...

    I see this when a pitbull x amstaff friend is playing fetch and my Napo steals his ball, the guy starts to freak out, if he was able to talk he would sound like a crackhead asking for a dose lol.
  3. L

    12 week male puppy weight question

    Hey man, beautiful pup you got (really, he will be a big boy). As for the food, IDK how much do you have to spend, but I would advise you to choose one of these (they are significantly better than royal canin, compare the minerals/vitamins/ingredients of the two and you will see) -Orijen...
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    Bull terriers failed as fighting dogs?

    I don't think they are failed fighting dogs, in south africa the modern version of EBT is still very used on fights and they apparently do very good.
  5. L

    Is this real?

    Yes, the horses noses are the only ones that emulate the noses of EBT. All the angles that I saw in a EBT (dozens) I saw them too in horses. Go figure...