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Search results

  1. dogeatdog

    New pit parent

    She is very cute.
  2. dogeatdog

    Puppy backpacks

    For positive socialization , could try puppy class , even visit dog friendly stores where staff give dogs treats or visit the vet get a treat and a weigh in too. My dog still hunts down the employees in pet stores and sits in front of them til they cough up a treat for her. Puppies usually just...
  3. dogeatdog

    Hi everyone.

    My girl about 7 months in pic
  4. dogeatdog

    Hi everyone.

    Living life as normal here, thankful its a good place to live. i will try to post photos if i can work out how.
  5. dogeatdog

    Hi everyone.

    Roxy and the dad have similar coloring to my AST. Shes a blue/fawn white pied.
  6. dogeatdog

    Just a couple pictures of our handsome boy Jäger at 18 weeks old

    18 weeks !! hes a big boy. Very handsome. He has eyes like one of my dogs.
  7. dogeatdog

    Hey y’all!

    Welcome to PBC, Sorry to read about your loss, nothing like a busy puppy to put a smile on your face. She looks like a sweety.
  8. dogeatdog

    What color is Nola?

    cute! I would say blue ,fawn too
  9. dogeatdog

    White discharge, is it normal

    Yes - smegma. Its a good reason to put covers on your couch and car seats. I guess hairy dogs have fur that catch it but not these dogs.
  10. dogeatdog

    My sweet boy is five!

    Happy birthday! he is so handsome :D Years fly by , It still feels like we just got Tank and he is 10 (he still thinks hes a puppy too).
  11. dogeatdog

    Hello from Veronica

    Hello lovely Miss V! I often wonder how PBCs older dogs and their people are doing. Glad she is doing so well after an eventful year.
  12. dogeatdog

    Anyone have a dog who will not tolerate a cone?

    Ha! I just tested it with peanut butter if he really wants to he can but I think it would depend on the shape and size of the dog, and the fit of the collar. I got to hire the collar from the vets to try first before I bought it.
  13. dogeatdog

    Anyone have a dog who will not tolerate a cone?

    My dog is not a fan of the cone, but it is usually just the first ten minutes he acts like a wild bull. If we keep his attention with treats for a bit he soon calms down. It then is us who hates the cone as he continuously bashes it into the back of our legs, knocks into anything, gets stuck in...
  14. dogeatdog

    Where is everybody from?

  15. dogeatdog

    Photo fav

    Love it!
  16. dogeatdog

    Home odor

    No smell here, honestly I hate dog smell , originally my dog was to live outside but he doesn't smell at all so the house is his, he even sleeps in my bed which makes him smell like clean linen. He is nice to pat and doesn't have that greasy gritty residue that most other dogs have - that stuff...
  17. dogeatdog

    Holiday Season Garp

    Matching shirts XD Love the photos Garp looking good as always.
  18. dogeatdog

    My boy

    I can't see a photo, maybe try posting again :)
  19. dogeatdog

    February 2016 Theme Winner!

    Ha ha yes the hat was made to be like Stan Marsh's