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  1. Andrea12065

    Having a crate issue out of no where..

    Its just been really windy, maybe thats what it is. I just dont want this to make it so she wont go in her crate at all, because she cant be trusted in the house when were not home..shes a little trouble maker lol Tahlz, she was JUST at the vet got her check up ect..shes very healthy ty :) And...
  2. Andrea12065

    Couple new pics of Kahlee......

    shes a pretty dog!
  3. Andrea12065

    Having a crate issue out of no where..

    thank you very much for responding...I dont think its a health thing..im wondering if the wond scared her or something, but ill do what you said and ignore it..i think the panting made me feel bad lol...im a sucker :(
  4. Andrea12065

    Having a crate issue out of no where..

    Toni is crate trained. She goes in at night, and when we leave the house. She has never had any issues going into the crate, or staying in it. But lately, at night, she will wake me up by whining, crying, and scratching the door. She pants loud and fast. I dont know whats up with her. I take her...
  5. Andrea12065

    Veronica & me (picture heavy)

    I love that dogs face!!!!!! SO cute!
  6. Andrea12065

    Play time!!!! Pic heavy

    theyre getting big! loved the pics
  7. Andrea12065

    Question for you bull terrier people!!

    thank you very much for the responces, Im going to share this info with her. :)
  8. Andrea12065

    Question for you bull terrier people!!

    A friend of mine found and fell in love with a bull terrier in a local shelter. She lives in an apartment complex that DOES allow dogs, but you cant have pitbulls, german shepherds, dobermans or rotweilers (sp??lol) Would this dog be conciderd a pitbull? I couldnt answer her, so I came here...
  9. Andrea12065

    Frito Feet??? LOL

    ill do the acv, and wipe her feet from now on..shes going to the vet for her yearly in feb so ill mention it..the smell is pretty bad at times lol..thank you both :)
  10. Andrea12065

    Frito Feet??? LOL

    no, i never dry her feet off, unless its after a bath. so does she need meds for this?
  11. Andrea12065

    Frito Feet??? LOL

    how do i get rid of it? is it a normal thing?
  12. Andrea12065

    Sleepin on the couch

    very cute pics :)
  13. Andrea12065

    Frito Feet??? LOL

    Toni's feet smell SOOO bad, like corn chips. My brother walked in my house, and said it smells like fritos in here, and i said..Oh thats toni's feet lmao..so I googled it, because its just gross, and aparently there is something called frito feet, but i couldnt get a good description of what it...
  14. Andrea12065

    Clipping my dogs nails...

    i also have a hard time with toni..i tried to muzzle her and she ended up hurting herself. i can SOMETIMES do it while shes tired, but even then its hard. Someone on this forum told me to reward her with treats every nail cut, and it works pretty well..
  15. Andrea12065


    pretty girl :)
  16. Andrea12065

    Princess Toni :)

    thanks..after christmas Ill definetly put more up :) I take terrible pics lol..and I can never get her to stay still lol
  17. Andrea12065

    Zealand! (pic overload)

    so damn cute!