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    CONTEST! Pair it Up!

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    Memorial Day

    Everyone have a great Memorial Day! Please take a moment to pay your respects, on this day to all of our military brothers and sisters who have lost their lives serving our great country. Send your prayers out to all the families who have lost loved ones in past military conflicts and never...
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    Jersey Showed her True Pit Bull Side Today

    Reading what you described, it looks like your dog Jersey was doing what any normal canine does when meeting another dog or anyone at that. She went to go smell Dawson, which is their way of checking eachother out. But, it looks like the dobie showed his dominance right away in the introduction...
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    will they fight???

    I respect what you have to say and your opinion, but we can just agree to disagree with some of the points that you make. Neither of us are animal bahaviorist, and we have different experiences with this breed, but if theres something we do share about this breed. Is that we have passion and...
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    will they fight???

    This is exactly what I'm talking about. Negative and just ignorant. Obviously you haven't read or even bothered to do research about the man, so no need to add more hog wash to his name. The topic was never about him up until some body refered to his name. That's great that you got 20+ years...
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    will they fight???

    Well put, and finally someone that might know a little something about how what dogs need. And you addressed an important issue that can develope in canines, that have unstable owners. Compulsive behavior, is a major issue in any breed, and is very unhealthy.
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    will they fight???

    Much respect cousin...and very well put, but that is your personal opinion and we can agree to disagree...That's fine by me. No need to reiterate and give me the history lesson about the breed. I know what I saw, and I know what I was raised around. When you speak of old timers, I know exactly...
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    will they fight???

    I don't know when you got around to reading this post, but it got ugly for a second and had some un called for comments, which included calling people out. Looks like its been edited and all the garbage has been takin out of the thread, which is good, because it was inappropriate for new...
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    will they fight???

    :( That's just sad coming from a moderator on a sight that's suppost to be used for educating people and the breed. You really need to take a look at yourself and ask the question? What is it that you do exactly that gives you the right to make such an ignorant assumption about someone who's...
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    will they fight???

    I don't understand why all the animosity? You make it seem like the man did something personally wrong to you. Do you know him? Have you even taken the time to read any of his books? Why such a negative judgement about a stranger you don't even know. "trying desperately to prove himself on...
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    will they fight???

    Colby, my man. I see the point you're trying to make. The only thing I was making a point about was how, no matter what the breed. They are still dogs first. So, respecting and treating them in this way is an important way to develope a strong bond with your animal and truly understanding how...
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    will they fight???

    Damn Yo! Everyones's taking what I said and twisted it to F'in hell. For one this is a public forum right? So opinions are cool right? If it wasn't and you wanted to charge membership you easily could, so you could all agree, with all the like minded people on here. But, thats not the point of...
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    will they fight???

    Yo nothing against you Colby, but I just wanted to clarify that Caesar Milan in not a dog trainer. He's animal behaviorist. Specifically canines. He works with people/clients to work on issues or their unwanted behaviors. He trains humans more then animals, in most cases. His pack of dogs at his...
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    will they fight???

    Maybe I mis read or mis interpretted what he was asking? He was wondering if they would eventually get into a fight or can they be kept together at all times alone? Fighting or confrontations will happen. They happen with every animal. So that question is inevitable. If humans can't even get...
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    will they fight???

    We can agree to disagree...I recommend at least reading through my post on DA...:D
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    will they fight???

    I hear you bradah...I know for a fact that when choosing to own this breed, there are numerous more precautions that come with the territory. It's more often then not, that it's the newer owners, that don't do enough research about the chosen breed, before adding them into their family's. The...
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    will they fight???

    Fight for fun huh? I know and have never denied the history of this breed and what they were bred to do. But, they are still animals, they are still dogs. They can still co-exist. Canines are animals of social stucture, just as we as humans are. If a dog just fought for the hell of it and not...
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    will they fight???

    A agree with Marty 100%. Animals, canines, no matter what beed or species, don't just fight for the hell of it or just because they want to. If you are their true pack leader and they have learned to be calm submissive in ur pack/family, therefore making them balanced/stable minded dogs, you...
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    Dominance vs. Aggression

    Dominance vs. Aggression It's important to understand that not all aggressive dogs are dominant and not all dominant dogs are aggressive. The two can go hand in hand (and often do) but are not mutually determinative. There are two forms of dominant dogs. A dog, that is dog dominant and...
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    Canine Aggression Towards Humans

    Canine Aggression Towards Humans Aggression is any behavior meant to intimidate or harm a person or another animal. Growling, baring teeth, snarling, snapping and biting are all aggressive behaviors. Although aggressive behaviors are normal for dogs, they’re unacceptable to humans. From a...